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The Amazing Race, Mar. 20 – Puttin' a Bullet in a Playboy Bunny

Kent hangs us a picture of Jaime and Cara, apologizing, saying it’s the only way he and Vyxsin will survive. They explain that on their first season, they made the mistake of U-Turning a team that turned out to be ahead of them. U-turning the team directly in back of them was how they knew that wouldn’t happen to them again. “Puttin’ a bullet in the Playboy bunny was the only thing that was going to save us.” The Cheerleaders still U-Turn the Globetrotters. I would think they wouldn’t be able to do that, though, until they officially land there without having to go back.

The Cowboys are looking for someone who speaks English, as Zev/Justin, Gary/Mallory, Kisha/Jen, and Ron/Christina show up at the U-Turn, only to find out “it’s all used up.” All the teams are trying to decide how to get to the Stone Forest and who to follow. Margie and Luke are getting directions on a phone and redirecting their driver.

The Cheerleaders arrive at the theater and start trying to put the dolls in the correct order. The Globetrotters arrive at the U-Turn, and find the Cheerleaders are sending them back. Jaime and Cara have just finished their dolls and are on their way back to the U-Turn. All the other teams are following Ron and Christina and are dismayed when it seems they’re getting away.

The Globetrotters arrive at the theater and try to start memorizing the actors. They start putting the dolls in order and finish it very quickly. Meanwhile, the Cheerleaders’ driver has stopped to get gas, making Jaime very agitated. She figures it’s like Hawaii all over again, as their driver stopped for gas too. Sure enough, the Globetrotters have already reached the U-Turn again.

The other teams are all with drivers who don’t appear to know where they are going. This could work out well for the Globetrotters and the Cheerleaders, as they don’t have the option of just following someone else, only to get stuck and have no idea how to get out. Justin is worried, as Gary and Mallory are in back of them and carrying the Express Pass.

Kisha and Jen are the first to the Stone Forest. They find a Roadblock. One person from each team will have to put together a life-size dinosaur. They’ll choose a dig-site, then use a diagram to build the dinosaur. The joints have to be properly in place to a paleontologist’s liking. Kisha decides she’ll do it. The other teams start arriving, with Christina and Margie saying they’ll do it.

Kisha starts building, and Margie and Christina do as well. Ron gives Christina directions in Chinese. The Goth Couple arrive, and Kent decides to do the task, as he loves dinosaurs. The teammates who are waiting for the Roadblock-ers to finish get together, and Jen asks Vyxsin why they did the U-Turn. Vyxsin is honest and says they have a thirty-minute penalty and that they lied about it when they first caught up. Ron calls them “as phony as can be.” He compares them to Kabouki dancers who hide behind their masks.

The Globetrotters pass the Cheerleaders, as Cara complains that time can be made up when a driver stops for gas. Zev/Justin and Gary/Mallory are at the wrong place, and Justin picks up a pebble and points at a tree to show their driver “Stone Forest.” The Cowboys arrive at the Roadblock with Jet deciding to do it, since Cord has done the last two.

Christina works on her dinosuar, saying the key is to get the hips on correctly. Kisha is told by the paleontologist that her dinosaur isn’t safe. The Globetrotters arrive, and the Cheerleaders shortly after. Big Easy and Jamie decide to do it. Christina is using something to bang at her dinosaur to wedge the piece either in or out. Cord is shocked to see the Globetrotters. Kent feels his dinosaur is right. Dev/Justin and Gary/Mallory arrive, with Justin and Gary deciding to do it.

Christina is now told her dinosaur isn’t safe, asJet is going back to check the diagram often to be sure as he goes that he has it all together. Jaime thinks she might have it backwards. Realizing they’re in last place, Gary and Mallory decide this is a good time to use the Express Pass. They get a clue telling them to make their way back to Kunming to find Green Lake Park, the pit stop for this leg of the Race.

Kent asks if he’s done, but is told no. He doesn’t understand what’s wrong with it. Margie says her 4-year-old grandson is a huge dinosaur fan, so she’s doing this one for him, who she says she misses terribly. I didn’t realize she was grandma! Jet’s diligence pays off as he’s the first to be told he has it right.


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