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The Amazing Race, Mar. 20 – Puttin' a Bullet in a Playboy Bunny

Ron and Christina decide to do the Past, as do Dev and Justin. Margie and Luke arrive and decide to do the Future. Kisha and Jen decide on Past as the other teams are arriving. Some of the teams are amused to find McDonalds, meaning they found the Golden Arches instead of the Memorial Archways. Amazingly, the Globetrotters arrive in fifth place. They decide to do Future, and their driver says she knows where she’s going, but the focus on that seems suspect.

Ron/Christina and Dev/Justin arrive at the theater. They’re watching the actors onstage and are smartly deciding to break up the order between teammates. Margie is having a hard time delivering the tubes for the heating system. Ron tells Christina he never played with dolls when he has a hard time figuring out the order.

Jaime and Cara find the Detour, as the Goth Couple follows them over there. Both teams decide to do Future. Gary and Mallory arrive at the Detour and decide to do whatever the Cowboys are doing who arrive just after them. They decide on Future.

Kisha and Jen arrive at the theater while the other two teams are still trying to set their order. Dev and Justin think they have it, but are told no. Kisha and Jen try setting their order up with one of them saying, “Don’t talk,” assumably in order to not forget the order they’re trying to memorize.

Margie and Luke have everything up on the roof and start to assemble it. Zev and Justin think they know where they went wrong and set out to try it again. Ron and Christina think they have it, but are told no. Zev and Justin get it right on their second try. They get a clue sending them to the Chinese Minority Heritage Center. They will encounter two U-Turns on the way, meaning two teams will have to go back and do whichever Detour they haven’t done. However, they aren’t told to go to the Center. They have to figure out what is on a picture in their clue.

Kisha and Jen get their dolls in the right order on their first try. Both they and Dev and Justin ask locals where to find the place on their picture. Kisha and Jen ask to be taken there in a cab, as Ron and Christina finally get their dolls right. Christina knows where it is, as the other two teams decide to just follow her.

The Globetrotters are looking for the right place to install the heating tubes, while the Cheerleaders have found it and start carrying the tubes up right away. The Goth Couple arrive as well. Margie and Luke finish installing the tubes and get the next clue. Vyxsin is telling Kent to move his ass up the stairs, because it’s a race for a million dollars. The Cowboys arrive and start carrying things up too.

Gary and Mallory arrive at the theater, while the others are still working on carrying the heavy tubes up the stairs. Gary and Mallory work on memorizing the order of the actors, then start arranging the dolls. The Globetrotters finally arrive to start delivering the tubes, just as the Cheerleaders are finishing. Vyxsin is still bitching at Kent. The Cowboys finish and are on their way as well.

The Double U-Turn is on everyone’s minds. With Kisha/Jen and Dev/Justin following Ron andChristina, father and daughter are hoping to be the first ones to the U-Turn. It turns out there’s a penalty to pay for being followers. As they all run lookng fo rthe cluebox, Christina realizes the driver took them to the wrong place. She redirects the driver, meaning all three teams have to head back out.

Margie and Luke are the first to arrive at the U-Turn and decide to not U-Turn anyone. This is surprising for her, as she usually seems a little more vindictive. She explains they decided not to use it because they believe they’re in first place. Their next clue sends them outside of Kunming to the the Stone Forest. The Goth Couple finish their tubes, leaving the Globetrotters up there. Gary and Mallory get their dolls in the right order and receive the clue.

With the Cowboys, Cheerleaders, and Goth Couple looking for the U-turn, the Globetrotters finally finish installing their tubes. The Cowboys reach the U-Turn first and decide not to use the U-Turn, then direct the Goth Couple down there. They get there first, followed by the Cheerleaders, and try to figure out who to U-Turn. The Cheerleaders tell them to U-Turn the Globetrotters, as they’re in the back.


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