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The Amazing Race, Mar. 20 – Puttin' a Bullet in a Playboy Bunny

This All-Star season of The Amazing Race is an exciting one. There are no “gimmes.” Everyone seems to work for everything they get, from clues, to each place at the pit stop. So far, instead of giving them non-elimination legs, they’re having certain legs lead right into the next leg without that mandatory twelve-hour rest period. Last week was the second time during the season for it, and it’s going to be really interesting to see what will happen to Kent and Vyxsin who were imploding last week.

We come back into tonight’s episode just as Kent and Vyxsin are realizing they left the fanny pack somewhere and are figuring it’s on the gondola. Dev and Justin arrive at the pit stop in eighth place and find out they’re still racing. The teams now have to travel by train back to the city of Kunming. There they’ll travel to the Dounan Flower Market to search for the next clue. Somewhere on this leg there will be a Double U-Turn.

The Goth Couple have their fingers crossed as they run back to the gondolas, knowing what happens on the Race when you lose your passports. They get the fanny pack, Kent kisses it, and they’re back on their way again. Vyxsin believes there are some type of screws loose in their minds. Well, after the last leg of the Race, and knowing that he was one of the few that knew the periodic table off the top of his head during the second leg of the Race, that kind of explains just where the loose screws are.

Margie and Luke, in first place, arrive at the train station only to be told the next available train is at 7:05 PM, meaning they lose their lead. Kent and Vyxsin arrive at the Detour finally and are at the point of declaring their Zodiac sign. They get it correct and she chooses to do the Hammer part of the Detour, as she doesn’t want to have to navigate. That could be the smartest thing she’s done in two legs. They get the candy made and are on their way to the pit stop.

Phil tells the Goth Couple they’re the last team to arrive, but that they’re still racing. However, because they took the wrong flight on the last leg, they have incurred a thirty-minute penalty and will have to wait out the thirty minutes at the next pit stop. As they leave Phil, they discuss they don’t want anyone else to know they had that penalty, as they figure they’d be targeted with the other teams giving them the U-Turn.

While waiting for the train, an impromptu basketball game breaks out among the racers. It’s Cord, Flight Time, and Kisha against Jet, Big Easy, and Jen. It’s of course another chance to hear Sweet Georgia Brown one more time. Jaime and Cara, of course, cheerlead. Dev and Justin show up and break up the party by informing everyone that Kent and Vyxsin are on their way.

The Goth Couple show up, as Vuyxsin explains she never thought she’d see the other teams again. Kent keeps up the lie created on the last leg and explains their car broke down. Mallory asks if they got a penalty or not. Vyxsin quickly says they’re still waiting to find out if they’ll be penalized or not. The others are saying their story is hard to believe. Everyone is now on the same train, and some are surprised to see the triple decker beds. Dev figures it’s less chance for a murder to be on the top beds. It makes you wonder who he’s thinking is going to off him in the middle of the night.

In Kunming, everyone jumps in cabs and takes off, with Dev and Justin being happy to let Ron and Christina be in the lead, figuring they know where they’re going in China. I just want to say I don’t always know where I’m going here in my country, so it could be flawed reasoning. The Cheerleaders are worried about the Double U-Turn, as are the Goth Couple.

Kisha and Jen are the first to arrive at the flower market. They get a clue telling them to make their way to Golden Horse and Jade Cock Memorial Archways to get the next clue. The other teams all fall in within a short amount of time, with the Globetrotters being the last ones to the cluebox, and also losing their taxi to the Cowboys, who couldn’t find theirs, so took the only one that was left. They eventually find another cab, determined to play catchup.

Ron and Christina are the first to the Memorial Archways, and find a Detour – Honor the Past or Embrace the Future. In Honor the Past, teams must watch a traditional Tibetan performance, and without taking any notes, need to go behind a closed curtain and place a set of fifteen dolls representing the characters in the performance in the order the actors appeared onstage. In Embrace the Future, teams will offload a complete tubular heating system, carry it to a roof, and completely install it.


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