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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 14 – Padma’s Bikini and Perhaps Something Was Cooked

Judges Table
Antonia – Lorena liked her balance of sweet and spice, Tom wished for bigger pieces of conch but liked his fish sear. Padma thought the dish was too conventional, but Antonia defended that, stating that simple is her style. That’s what she wanted to make. Good for you, Black Hammer. Gail thinks it is great that she knows who her customer is and how to please them.

Blais – Padma and Tom rave about the non-pasta pasta. Gail thought it was bold to make a dish that wasn’t of the islands, but still contained local ingredients. Gail liked his take on linguini with clam sauce, and Tom stressed how great the “twist” was. Blais refuses to believe the lobster was undercooked in any way.

Tiffany – Lorena thought it was cooked well, but…Gail and Tom each essentially say that they liked her idea, but the cold soup ruined it. Tom also wonders if it would have worked with hot soup in the first place, he doesn’t think so.

Mike – He used a curry mix to make the dish work, and Gail fawned over the pineapple again. Tom was a big fan of the smoky flavor produced by the leaf and while the butter was not tropical and made it a bit greasy, it was really good.

So Mike gets the unexpected win, and is loaded with confidence now. Tiffany is the clear last place dish, and she knows she lost. She goes out with great class, as expected, and admits to being out-cooked.

Quickfire Hits
• Blais’ goofy hat needs to be sold on the Bravo website. And someone please get Mike a set of pajamas!
• Mike says that despite his familial connection to Antonia, since she is the Black Hammer, he does not want to work with her. One thing, the Black Hammer thing only works on eliminations. Just admit it, Mike – you like to work with the boys more than the girls.
• Mike’s classy way to lose comes out again. He thinks he could have made the ladies’ Quickfire dish and plated it by himself while Blais made a beer run. I’d like for that to happen. I bet that very six-pack that he would fail.
• Blais has “20 pounds of conch in my freezer, been baking bread and grew a beard” because that is what you need to win the competition. Taken out of context, that would be a truly bizarre contest.
• Mike thought the ship’s captain seated next to Bikini Padma looked like Sammy Hagar. My only comment…there was a guy sitting next to Padma?
• Tiffany upon learning of the fishing twist – “We have to go yet out own conch. In. The. Ocean. (scared) There’s sharks out there!”
• Wait a second; Marcel has a show on the Syfy Channel? Does he get eaten by Sharktopus?
• Extra scene – Top Chef: Gilligan’s Island is revealed as we view the island from a distance that was used in the opening credits of the classic sitcom. Blais is clearly the Professor, and Mike and his belly is the Skipper. Tiffany becomes Ginger, for some reason, and I guess Antonia would be Mary Ann. I just don’t see her as a Mrs. Howell. Carla would have been Gilligan. I’m fine with that. Tiffany doesn’t see herself as a Ginger because, ahem, she doesn’t wear and evening gown. Heh.

Next week – The Last Supper, minus the whole about to die after being betrayed by a friend thing. Pressure cooker problems. Something is rancid. Padma is sorry about something, and what’s in the mystery envelope?

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