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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Ep 4 – Sneaky, Sneaky Show

Route Markers
• Gotta love how the episode started off by glorifying the U.S./West commencing of imperialism in Japan at the start of the 20th Century – an act that helped lead to the militarization of Japan and World War II. Thanks show. That was a much better intro than a tsunami tribute.
• Zev is not a people person, but at least he’s good at sitting in the back of the car. Also not a big fan of water. Or air. Or food. Or life.
• They did have a nice 45 minute lead at one point to start the leg. Interesting that third place Ron/Chris and sixth place Cowboys were separated by an hour, followed by another hour for the Goths, and more than another hour for second to last place Ginger.
• Ron may act like a child at times – and did often this leg, but then he is able to make smart Race moves. He and Chris got info from a fellow traveler about the trains and landed the only slot on the early train. Later, he hysterically made them stop for warm Chinese buns, had his request for his yogurt rejected by his daughter, and snuck several bites of the candy they were making. I love when Ron/Chris change from the angsty family drama to the wacky sitcom family humor.
• First thought that came to mind at the first challenge – saddle a yak, do you think they knew the Cowboys were racing?
• That altitude must have really been bad – I wonder if it added to the wacky racing (not Wacky Races, of course). Jamie almost passed out, and even Colorado-resident Margie felt the effects.
• I thought the Roadblock was tough based on Phil’s voice-over, because remembering the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac sounded really tough. But they had a chart. Much less tough.
• Love Mallory’s over pronouncing of “oooooooorrrrrrddddddeeeeerrrr” for Luke. How stereotypical of the blonde talking to the deaf guy.
• Justin calling Zev “Elmer Fudd” based on his hat, just as Zev said, “Where are you rabbit?” Would have been better if he said wabbit.
• Ron and Chris got on the wrong vehicle – it seemed more of a tram rather than a bus – and Ron lost his ever loving mind. Chris should some toughness/stupidity by getting off of a moving vehicle. Interesting that as Ron threw rocks at the passing bus, that it was the Trotters who allowed their bus to stop. I wonder if that was payback for the fanny pack error last week.
• I wonder if the Trotters had to go through every animal until they got the right ones. And, in the chart, did it not put the birthdates next to the animals? Because if it did, then why did they have such trouble finding theirs?
• As for the performances at the challenges – well, only Zev really had issues during the needle in the haystack Roadblock. And it all stemmed from having two charms of a goat, instead of one goat and one horse. The yaks were simple, this was just time consuming, and the Detour was kind of lame.
• My favorite part of the episode – as Kent waited for Vixen to finish the Roadblock, there was a woman behind him pointing and acting all excited. I wonder if it was just the cameras, or if she recognized Kent!

First Challenge – Saddle a yak and ride across the river.

Roadblock – Search for the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, the charms with the images were hanging with tons of others. Then hang them in the correct order. Luke, Jet, Mallory, Zev, Big Easy, Jen, Christina, Cara, Vixen.

DetourHammer – Pulverize hot molten candy with mallets into the correct form, or Horn – carry a long, cumbersome horn to the nearby palace. Doing Hammer – Margie/Luke, Garlory, Ron/Chris, Cowboys, Sisters. Doing Horn – Ginger and Trotters. Gingers flipped tasks almost instantly. Zev/Justin and Goths did not get there at episode’s end.

Order of Finish at the Mat To Get the Clue From Phil (whew!) – Margie/Luke (going to Aruba), Cowboys, Garlory, Ron/Chris, Sisters, Trotters, Ginger, the other two still on the challenges.

Next week – More fanny pack troubles, and a Double U-Turn!!

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