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American Idol 10, Mar. 17 – Judges Back Up the Viewers' Choice

I’m not just hoping one of the female contestants goes home tonight on American Idol 10, I’m expecting it. It seems like the majority of fans out there feel the same way. But will the gals get a little luck of the Irish tonight on St. Patrick’s Day?

We start out with the the young childhood dreams of some of the contestants and what they once aspired to be when they grew up. James wanted to be a pro wrestler. Scotty wanted to be an astronaut, but he claims he didn’t have the brains for it. James wanted to be a journalist, and Naima a veterinarian, because she loves animals. Paul wanted to be a comedian Thia always wanted to be a singer, as did Pia.

Ryan Seacrest again mentions that we can text our donations for Japan to the Red Cross. If you text 90999, it will automatically add a $10 donation that will be deducted on your mobile bill.

The top twelve perform a group number and start out Born to Be Wild, then Born This Way, as the song see-saws back and forth between the guys and the girls.Group numbers seem to be improving. We don’t seem to have anyone this year that totally can’t dance.

The Ford music video tonight is set to the song Val Kilmer. The idols are at some type of drive-in movie. It’s a song I’m not even familiar with. The actor, yes, song, no. Ryan mentions right after this that an American Idol 10th anniversary CD has been released.

Feel like you don’t know these twelve Idols enough? No one knows Karen can do funny things with her throat. Thia collects quarters with her grandfather. Scotty can wiggle his ears. Jacob is a square, and Casey is a avid moonwalker. Karen is fluent in English and Spanish and took French for six years. James would like to learn Swedish. Lauren just speaks one language, and claims it’s Spanish. Stefano would like to learn an African language, Naima seems to know some. Pia is fluent in … English.

Haley decides it would be more correct to determine how many accents she has. I’m from the midwest, too, so I don’t really see one on her. Scotty thinks he can speak British. Lauren claims she doesn’t have an accent, then Thia imitates Lauren’s accent, as does Haley. Paul has a 14-year-old blind weiner dog that smells bad. Pia has a shitzu and claims she sings. Lauren’s dog doesn’t sing, but she thinks it’s cuter than the other two.

As we dim the lights for results, we get green lights and St. Patrick’s Day music. Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina, and Casey Abrams join Ryan in the center of the stage. Randy is asked what the key is to overcoming pitch problems. He states you have to be able to hear it in your head before you can find it. Jennifer thinks you have to be able to hear yourself on stage, but she says they’ll work on that next week.

Jacob and Laure are safe. Well, we know Casey is safe. Steven is asked what the ingredients are in his goop that he says great stuff is made from that he equated with Casey. He says it’s the creative juices. Casey, of course, is safe as well.

Haley Reinhart and Paul McDonald take the center stage next. Haley is asked if she’s had more clarity over her path, but she claims certain themes call for taking risks, and she’d like to put blues, rock and funk all in one. She needs to find it, and feels she has it inside of her. Paul is feeling better tonight. Haley is in the bottom three, while he’s safe.

Last year’s winner, Lee DeWyze, is back tonight with a new single, Beautiful Like you. Watching him, I think he’s a little bit of a mixture of Casey and Paul. What I can’t figure out is why he hasn’t been more successful, because I still dig the guy. Casey, by the way, is sitting there jamming while Lee sings. The reigning Idol advises the contestants sitting on the couches to just remember why they tried out in the first place, saying they’ll be fine no matter what happens.

Scotty McCreedy, Pia Toscano, and James Durbin are called up next. Ryan asks Scotty if he had anyone in mind when he was singing Can I Trust You With My Heart, but he claims they’re all special. Typical 17-year-old boy. He’s workin’ it After all that, he’s safe.

The crowd calls out that PIa is safe, and they’re right. Steven is asked if he sees a little of himself when James sings, and he says no, as James pulls off a Steven face. Steven of course is kidding. James is, of course, safe. I don’t think anyone doubted that.

Stefano and Naima are called to center stage and hold hands. Stefano is asked how he’ll follow Jennifer’s advice to connect more if he stays and says he’ll make more eye contact. Jennifer tells him he needs to sing to her. Regarding her own feedback, Naima is starting to have a passionate hate for the word “pitchy.” By the time it’s done, she will love the word pitch, and they’ll be in perfect harmony. It’s no surprise that Stefano is safe, while Naima is in the bottom three. Apparently she still has the passionate hate thing going

Karen Rodriguez and Thia Megia face the music next. Jennifer is asked what she wants to see from Karen if she stays, and says she wants to see her do things that she’s really comfortable with instead of stretching. Thia feels she’s “pretty much me,” and is starting to worry that everyone thinks she’s just a ballad singer, because she can do so much more than that. Thia is safe, while Karen is the other person in the bottom three.

The Black Eyed Peas are here to perform tonight. They’re singing Just Can’t Get Enough. I have to say Fergie is looking more lovely than ever tonight in her Marilyn Monroe dress.

With the bottom three at center stage, one of them is getting sent back to the couches to sing another week. Naima is safe and will have another week to create that love fest she’s looking for with pitch. Haley is safe as well. Karen has been voted out, but could survive if the judges decide to use their save on her.

Karen is deciding to sing Hero by Mariah Carey. Being pitchy isn’t going to help her cause much. Steven and Jennifer appear to be talking this one out. I’d be shocked if they kept her. Not because she’s not good, because she is, but they need to save the Save for someone who might be voted out who they’d hate to lose even more.

After she’s done singing, Karen starts to cry and says she knows the judges and her mom believe in her. Randy speaks for the judges and says it’s not unanimous., and they are not going to use the Save. Naima looks like she’s going to puke. After the farewell video, Karen talks to the judges, and Steven looks so sympathetic while Jennifer strokes her hair.

Of course we don’t know for sure who wanted to use the Save on Karen, but whoever it was wasn’t thinking it through and was reacting on emotion only. The voting public put her in the bottom three two weeks in a row. For whatever reason, she doesn’t connect with them. Had they used the Save, she would have just been right back there in a week or two. This was the right choice, no matter how sweet Karen and her mom are.

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