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American Idol 10, Mar. 16 – Waiting for Guys' Idol Band

Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Whitney Houston. She wants to show growth and that she can do something else. Producer Rodney advises if she does onstage what she did in studio, she’s going to be flying. I’m not sure why she has to wear clothes like it’s 1988, but she does a good job with this and shows she can do something other than ballads.

Steven tells Pia she is the reason this show is called American Idol. She took the song over the top, as retro it was, in her own special way and nailed it. Jennifer was so glad to hear Pia do something up-tempo, and gives credit to Rodney and Jimmy, because they took her there. She definitely has an angel watching over her. Randy believes that every week Pia is bringing amazing vocals. This is telling everyone else there that Pia is in it to win it.

With a mention from Steven that perfect pitch isn’t just in baseball, Scotty McCreery, born in 1993 (same year as my son), is up. His mom mentions he was a bit of a chunky monkey and that he always loved Elvis, although Scotty thinks the other kids thought he was weird. His dad thinks he might get the deep voice from him. Jimmy tells Scotty he has a pair of jeans born in in 1993. Tonight Scotty is singing Can I Trust You With My Heart by Travis Tritt. Jimmy does’t want to change him, but wants him to grow. He does this as convincingly as he’s done all the others, and absolutely blasts the last note at the end.

Jennifer tells Scotty he pushed it out there a little more at the end, and that’s what they’re talking about from him in terms of growing. She wants to see him keep going in that direction. She peeked into rehearsal and saw him hold that note even longer. Randy is so happy Randy has worked with Travis Tritt before and feels Scotty did him proud. He can sing anything, and he’s staying in that traditional country lane, but like Jennifer, Randy likes to hear him take chances with bigger, longer notes. Steven advises Scotty that if he just keeps knowing who he is, he’s going to go places. Scotty points out his baseball team cheering him on in the audience.

Karen Rodriguez gets stool time with Ryan as she explains her sister talking her into auditioning so that she, meaning her sister, could get closer to Nick Jonas, since Ryan knows him. Ryan addresses her via the camera tonight, and says he’s actually tighter with Joe.

We’re going back to 1989 again, as it’s also the year Karen was born. Maybe she’ll do Milli Vanilli. Her mom, who also always wanted to be a singer as well, used to put the radio next to her belly when pregnant with Karen. Having a daughter on Idol is Karen’s mom’s Oscar in her life. She’s singing Love Will Lead You Back by Taylor Dane. She tells Jimmy she wants to be sure America knows she isn’t only about singing in Spanish. She sings the song convincingly tonight, but it’s hard to miss her rocking the J-Lo hairdo.

Randy tells Karen it started a little rough, but she found her pitch and range by the time she hit the chorus. It was better than last week, although he’s not jumping up and down. Steven loves when she breaks into her ethnic what-it-is-ness. Jennifer could tell Karen was scared when she came out, but recognized her attacking it. If she’s nervous about certain notes, she just shouldn’t go there at all.

Casey Abrams was born in 1991. He has older parents, which he thinks is awesome, as they’re much wiser than other parents. They may be older, but they’re totally cute. Casey is deciding to not have a kid until he’s 60. He’s singing Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. What a challenge that is! Jimmy is floored. Casey likes taking risks, and feels the song defines a generation. He’s rocking it out tonight onstage with an electric bass. Seroiusly, is there anything this guy can’t do?

Steven tells Casey he is so good, so crazy, and so talented, and it’s the perfect match. It’s the goop great stuff is made from. Jennifer offers up that Kurt Cobain’s shoes are big ones to fill, and there were parts of the song that were screamy-screechy, as Kurt had the intensity but didn’t scream all the way. He asks her to tell him again how sexy he is. Randy tells Casey that being a musiican and producer, what he’s most impressed with about Casey is that he loves taking risks, and he loves that he puts art first, then thinks about commerce. It wasn’t the best vocal, but he loves that Casey is fearless.

Lauren Alaina gets stool time with Ryan and discusses that she’s not feeling well either. She was wearing a surgical mask in rehearsals and has the flu. She was born n 1994, ad the real Lauren came out after 3 years later. She made sure she got the attention from people. She’s singing I’m the Only One by Melissa Etheridge. Her producer Jim Jonsin changed the melody a little bit from the original. Jimmy tells her to forget last week and focus on what’s at stake. It’s tough, as she clearly doesn’t feel well, but she rocks it out where she needs to. It’s the Lauren we fell in love with.

Jennifer tells Lauren they could hear her voice really strong. She felt Lauren stayed true to the original flavor of the song, while still giving it that country flavor. She loves Melissa, yet Lauren made it her own. Randy doesn’t know about the cold, but found it very nice, so he’d like her to have a cold every week. Steven agrees, and says sometimes when people get strep or something, it makes them sing better. That’s right. Just like Phoebe Buffay. Lauren did it again like the first time he heard her. Offstage she says she ‘s back, because Randy said so.

Jacob Lusk was born in 1987. His mom thinks he gets his voice from both sides of the family, but he disagrees, thinking she can’t hold a tune. She sings, and I have to say he’s right. He’s singing Heart’s Alone. Jimmy wants to make sure it’s right, as Jacob is in a place where he has to move either backward or forward. He also compares Jimmy to Aretha Franklin, saying she would also come out every once in awhile with a rock song. He has that vibrato in there again tonight, and at some point it’s just too much. He definitely makes it his, though.

Randy tells Jacob it was a very nice performance, and he recognizes it was tough as he did step out of his comfort zone. When he hit the modulation, he did lose it when he got sharp, but made his way back quickly. What Randy love the most was when he got so tender and caressed it without overpowering it. Steven believes Jacob’s mama may not have been able to sing, but she gave him the moxie that made him what he is now. Gospel had a baby and named it Jacob Lusk. Jennifer loves that he gives himself completely to every song, every performance a nd every moment.

Tonight was just as expected. The guys seemed to know who they were and what they should be singing a little more than the girls, with or without the pitch problems. It should be one of the gals leaving. There might be a guy in the bottom three, but I don’t think a guy will ultimately go home this week. Something tells me we could get very close to seeing that Guys’ Idol Band as the final four.

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