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The Amazing Race, Mar. 13 – Positive Mental Attitude Nosedives

On the way to the Detour, Ron wants to stop to eat again when he sees live fish being cooked up. I can’t eat seafood, as I have a mental block against eating these things that do not look appetizing, and seeing these small whole fish sitting on the grill, I’m about to vomit. Finally Christina convinces Ron to move on.

Margie/Luke and Gary/Mallory watch the candy being hammered and start doing it as well. The Cowboys jump in there next, as do Ron and Christina. He of course keeps stopping to eat it. Jaime and Cara decide they can’t hold up the horn and leave and go to Hammer. It’s probably wise if you’re going to switch it up to do it now.

Vyxsin continues her meltdown and is sobbing and talking nonstop. Zev and Justin are trying to stay ahead of them. She finally finds the last symbol she was missing and starts putting them in order. Zev and Justin are on the bus on the way to Old Town Lijiang.

A dog is watching the teams make the candy. Ron keeps eating. Gary and Mallory, the Cowboys, and Margie and Luke all get done with the challenge and receive the next clue, to make their way to the Eternal Tower, the pit stop for this leg of the Race.

Kisha and Jen finish as well. Christina is still having to keep her dad at bay to stop him from eating what they made and get him to not cut it up the wrong way. He grabs candy on the way out and she tells him to stop eating as he can do that at the pit stop. It’s like being wit a child.

The Globetrotters start the Horn challenge and have to stop for directions. Jaime and Cara are making the candy and complaining it’s hot. Zev and Justin make their Zodiac wish and head to Horn. Vyxsin finally gets it right and she and Kent are on their way.

Gary and Mallory are running through the streets looking for anyone who can speak English to help with directions, and the Cowboys and Margie and Luke are just flat out racing. The first team on Phil’s mat are Margie and Luke. They win a trip for two to Aruba. Phil tells them they’re still racing, though and gives them the next clue. Luke says, “Nooooooo.” It’s good news for Vyxsin and Kent though. Margie tells Phil he doesn’t know what she wants to say right now.

Jet and Cord come in second, and Gary and Mallory in third, and she isn’t too happy to find out they’re still racing. Ron and Christina are in fourth, Kisha and Jen in fifth, Flight Time and Big Easy in sixth, and the Cheerleaders in seventh.

The Goth couple are boarding their bus to Old Town Lijiang. They realize the odds are against them, but the pink and black attack are ready. Zev and Justin aren’t sure if they’re taking their horn to the right place. On the bus, Kent realizes the fanny pack is gone, and she unbelievably calls him out on losing it. They are only in this position because she’s been having a meltdown, yet she’s blaming it all on him.

Kent and Vixsin just got another huge break, but now they’ve made yet another error. Without a flight to put them all on equal ground, they’re in serious trouble unless someone falters. The Cowboys made up that lost time when they were in the same position, but they’re entirely different racers and are much better at coming from behind. This brings up Vixsin’s words again, “Bye bye, Amazing Race.”

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