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The Amazing Race, Mar. 13 – Positive Mental Attitude Nosedives

Justin is watching Dev, and says he’s just catching glimpses of him in his Elmer Fudd hat. He looks like he knows what he’s looking for, and that’s all he can ask. Cord passes with his Zodiac, as Dev looks for a rabbit. Justin tells him not to give up. Big Easy passes, followed by Cara. Jen finishes too, leaving Zev as the only one left. Vyxsin crosses the body of water and she and Kent jump on the gondola. They’re hoping there’s a team still out on a Roadblock or Detour that is surely next.

Gary and Mallory are excited to be in first and are the only ones on their bus. On top of it, they still have the Express Pass they haven’t used. The other teams are all hitting the bus, but Ron and Christina take the wrong thing. It’s like a tram they have at a theme park, instead of a bus.

Kent and Vyxsin arrive at the Roadblock, and that immediately worries Justin. They just lost that slack they had. Kent decides Vyxsin is good at puzzles and should do this, but I don’t think I would put her in charge of anything that needed thinking on this leg. Her mind is truly scattered.

Justin asks Kent what happened to them, and he lies and says they had car trouble. Justin ascertains that the flight the Goth Couple took wasn’t they one that was mandatory. In a confessional, Kent and Vyxsin discuss not being sure if they’d get a thirty-minute penalty or not for this. Kent is deciding to keep all their cards to themselves until they have to use them. Zev gets agitated when Vyxsin comes up to look at the symbols he’s working on.

Ron and Christina are still trying to figure out what to do since they got on the wrong vehicle. They see the right bus passing them, and while the Globetrotters try to get the bus to stop to pick up Ron and Christina, Ron whips a rock at the bus to get it to stop. It stops, and they run down and get on and thank the Globetrotters, as she says she knows it was them that stopped for her.

Zev thinks his Zodiac mobile is correct, but he’s told it’s not. Meanwhile, Vyxsin is saying she has nine of the twelve symbols so far, as Kent prays.

Gary/Mallory and Margie/Luke are the first teams to arrive at the next cluebox. Each teammate must now locate their own Zodiac symbol, write a wish on a piece of paper, then put their wish into the proper slot. Luke knows his is the ox, but Margie is unsure what hers is. She thinks it’s the rooster. Gary decides the wish they should write down is “Win.”

Once the teams deposit their wishes, the teams get their next clue, a Detour – Hammer or Horn. In Hammer, teams have to pulverize hold molten candy in the traditional manner to get the next clue. In Horn, teams will make their way to the Square, pick up a long cumbersome horn, and lead a team of dancers to a palace. Both teams decide to do the candy.

The Globetrotters, Ron and Christina, and the Cowboys arrive and start to work on their zodiac wishes. Finishing that, Ron/Christina and the Cowboys decide to do Hammer. The Globetrotters do their Zodiac wishes but are told that monkey is not correct for Flight Time. He just goes through trying all of them. Hopefully thus won’t hold them back like the last when they were eliminated in their prior season.

Kisha and Jen arrive, along with Jaime and Cara. Kisha and Jen finish quickly and will be doing Hammer. The Cheerleaders decide to do Horn. The Globetrotters still can’t get it right. Neither can Zev back at the Roadblock. Vyxsin is also stuck and believes there is something wrong with her brain today. Not many would argue with her. She feels if she keeps on doing the same thing, she won’t get anywhere. Zev realizes he had two of the same animal, fixes it, and finally passes. Justin tells him it’s good work. Vyxsin continues to be confused. Again, you have to question Kent’s reasoning in having her do this.

Zev and Justin aren’t the only ones finally succeeding. The Globerotters are as well (Flight Time is a dragon and Big Easy is a rooster.) They decide they’ll do the horn.


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