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The Amazing Race, Mar. 13 – Positive Mental Attitude Nosedives

The other teams arrive at 7:17 PM and the teams are trying to decide whether to take a plan or a train. They all hop on computers and start searching. Ron and Christina were going to hop on a flight, but find a local who gets on his laptop and finds there are two trains leaving at 8:50 PM and 10:16 PM. They are hoping to get tickets on one of those.

Margie and Luke come up to ask what Ron and Christina are doing, but they don’t want to tell her. They sneak out and hop on the train. The other teams are now trying to do the same, but have missed that first train. Mallory is enjoying the fact they haven’t seen the Goth Couple yet. Justin thinks it makes their sleep on the train a little softer.

Kent and Vyxsin arrive at 1:35 AM and the airport closes down in the middle of the night, so they’re stuck just hanging out until it reopens and they can catch a train or plane.

Ron and Christina’s train arrives at 5:38 AM. They hop in a cab and let go of some of their large lead so that Ron can stop and get some breakfast. Christina notes her dad loves food. They make it to the marked shuttle they need to take to Jade Dragon Mountain, but they don’t start the shuttles until 8:00 AM. There isn’t even a driver on the bus right now. Ron may as well and go back to get more breakfast.

Kent and Vyxsin are trying to arrange for tickets to Lijiang, but she is now missing her passport. He reminds her he asked her earlier if she had it, and she told him yes. They go back and she’s able to find it. He promises her he’s going to shoot her and says it over and over. As long as he doesn’t quit according to her. They get tickets on a flight to Lijiang.

The other train arrives at the shuttle and all make it on the same one with Ron and Christina. Mallory notes that Kent and Vyxsin are making her feel good, but really she needs to not get too ahead of herself, as those types of comments are the ones that come back to bite people in the ass. Kent and Vyxsin are taking a cab to Jade Dragon Mountain and are hoping to finally see some other teams.

The bus arrives at the Jade Dragon Mountain and all are excited seeing a large body of water and yaks with saddles on them. The clue tells them to have one person from each team saddle a yak and ride it across the river to get their next clue. The Cowboys shouldn’t have any problem with this task. They say they aren’t yakking around. Mallory starts waving, saying she feels lke she’s riding in a parade. Dev has some troubles mounting.

Eventually all the teams make it across and get the next clue, which tells them to ride a gondola to an elevation three miles above sea level and find Spruce Meadow to get their next clue. The teams deal with a few issues because of the higher elevation. Margie says even being from Colorado the altitude is kicking her butt. The Globetrotters are struggling as well, and Ron complains he needs to breathe, as he can’t run at that pace and starts to get dizzy.

The teams that reach the top find a Roadblock that has to do with the Zodiac. Team members will search among the zodiac charms to find the twelve animals of the zodiac and put them in the correct order to receive their next clue.

Luke Cord, Cara, Mallory, Big Easy, Jen, and Dev do this task. Ron only wants to do it if it involves eating. As Christina starts to get upset with him, he decides to allow her to do it. Christina is reciting all the animals in Chinese and in order, saying her mom made her memorize it when she was a little kid. Jen doesn’t even know all the signs of the Zodiac in English. Cord doesn’t know how to say rooster in Chinese, so just starts clucking. Big Easy looks for help from a yak.

Kent and Vyxsin have nearly caught up, as she rides the yak. Luke is the first to bring his Zodiac charms up, and his mom is sure that he did well on it, as he’s good with details, but he doesn’t pass. Mallory brings hers up and does pass. She tells Luke to follow her and tells him to pay attention to the order, then gets very insulting as she tries to explain it to him. He’s not stupid; he’s deaf. Her clue tells them to find a marked bus and travel to Old Town Lijiang to get their next clue. Christina is the next to pass, followed by Luke.


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