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The Amazing Race, Mar. 13 – Positive Mental Attitude Nosedives

Jaime and Cara just barely made it through last week and only survived because Mel and Mike had such a hard time finding the frog in the mud, then gave up. Now they’re really behind and have to do a lot of catchup. It will be interesting to see if Margie and Luke stay behind to be able to work with Jaime and Cara. Margie seems to be an opportunist, so it doesn’t seem like that will be her choice.

The first team to leave Tokyo, Japan, are Dev and Justin at 8:44 PM. They must now fly to the city of Lijiang, China, and make their way to Jade Dragon Mountain. Because of limited flights, the teams have to take the same mandatory flight to Kunming, China, then must book their own flight to Lijiang. This has to be good news for the Cheerleaders, as it just put everyone on equal ground.

Dev isn’t looking forward to the trip as he isn’t one for being around a lot of people. He and Justin decide Dev is good at sitting in the car and not doing anything while Justin drives. Finding out they’re headed to a body of water, Dev is not very happy, as he’s not a big fan of water.

Gary and Mallory are the next to leave at 9:29 PM, and Ron and Christina leave nine minutes later. They’re excited, because they speak Chinese and have been to Lijiang already. Kisha and Jen leave at 9:50 PM, and Jen brings up old memories of being in China on their original season. She had felt Luke had pushed her at the cluebox, then called him “bitch.” Flight Time and Big Easy leave at 10:01 PM, and the Cowboys leave at 10:34 PM, as Cord goes to get into the wrong side of the car to be the driver.

Kent and Vyxsin leave at 11:33 PM and discuss leaving in seventh place. Their word of the day is PMA – “Positive Mental Attitude.” Really it doesn’t matter what place they’re leaving in, as all the teams will get equalized when they take the same mandatory flight. They can’t get into their car with the key they have, so assume someone took their car by accident, as Vyxsin takes off to find the answer.

Margie and Luke leave at 11:52 PM. Kent is trying to get Vyxsin to come back, because he figured out how to get into the car She calls it the most stupid day ever. Jaime and Cara leave at 12:42 AM and remember their last time in China, which Jaime recalls as the most miserable time of her life.

The teams start arriving at the airport, but Kent and Vyxsin are lost, as she, who is navigating, says she can’t even think. She starts to have a complete meltdown. She wants him to turn off onto the highway, but he says there is none. All the other teams make it to the airport, as the Cowboys mention the Goth couple being the only ones they haven’t seen yet. Vyxsin is still in meltdown mode, saying when they ripped open the clue she seems to have lost her mind. Kent finds his way to the highway without her help.

The teams are checking into the flight, but the Goth Couple are still nowhere to be found. Zev and Justin are asking where they are. It’s now daylight, and Kent and Vyxsin are still driving around. She thought they were getting close, but they aren’t. Vyxsin looks at her compass and realizes they went the wrong way. She tells Kent they’ve been going the wrong way the whole time. She doesn’t understand how she could stare at the compass the whole time and watch as they drive away. She faces the camera and says “Bye Bye, Amazing Race.”

It reminds Vyxsin of what happened to them in Italy during their original season. It’s 9:00 now and the flight leaves at 9:50. She buries her face in the map and starts sobbing. Kent comments that The Amazing Race is about tragedy, but it’s also about miracles.

The flight boards, and Justin says there is no reason for the Goth couple to have missed the flight. He figures they could have walked there and made it on time. Vyxsin continues her meltdown and thanks Kent for not quitting, saying it’s one of her favorite things about him.

After the flight takes off, Kent and Vyxsin finally see their first sign for the airport. She knows there’s no way any sane person should have missed the flight. At the airport, they get another flight to Kunming leaving in the afternoon, and hope to intercept the other teams in Kunming.


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