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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 13 – Wasn’t The Bahamas A British Colony?

Quickfire Hits
• As the show hit the mid-point, I knew Mike was not going to be eliminated, even before the food was served. Why? The promos last week. You think I would forget about Padma’s bikini? Come on, show, have we met? Well, Mike commented on said bikini. Clearly, as they cooked in the night, Padma’s daytime sexiness would not be this episode. Ergo, Mike ain’t going anywhere. Bad job, Bravo.
• Bye bye fake bar from the beginning of each episode. Although, it would be cool to see them chilling at the local tiki bar.
• Blais to Antonia – “We’ve been here before…on another Caribbean island.” Heh – yep, Blais’ Waterloo was Puerto Rico. Can he get redemption?
• I was at that hotel very briefly. On our Disney cruise we docked in Nassau and spent the day at the Atlantis. I went down the crazy ass water slides, featured in Amazing Race 15. I hope we get to see the chefs plummet down those slides too. Maybe while trying to cook an egg.
• Blais prepared for the Bahamas – “I’ve cooked every fish which swims within 100 miles of this island…and if we have to chase down a goat, I will, and kill it. And cook it.” I sure hope the goat chase is a challenge.
• Tiffany wants to cook for royalty as if they were not royalty. Um, backwards? Don’t you want to cook for the common person as if they were royalty? The other way around is serving Prince William a grilled cheese sandwich.
• Meanwhile, Mike thinks he can’t serve a plate of BS to royalty. And you can serve that to us?
• While we got a glimpse into Blais’ psyche, we got one into Carla’s too. She’s more comfortable when no one expects anything from her. Explains a lot. After that, she overthinks.
• I think I need to have a link or macro for “Mike talks smack and boasts.” He’s no Russell Hantz, but still.
• Extra scene – Loved it. Blais and his nut theory. If a nut was a musical genre. Peanuts = Rock & Roll. Walnuts, close to peanuts = British Rock. Almonds = ballet. Hazelnuts = hippie music. Pistachios = pop. Brazil nuts? Carla questions if you are supposed to eat them at all. But they are in the mixed cans, you say? To take up space. That’s how they get you.

Next week – PADMA IN A BIKINI. Finally. Of course, you could just go on the interwebs to see that. Oh, and Blais can’t swim.

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