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American Idol 10, Mar. 10 – Adam Lambert Comes Back Home

It should be a girl being eliminated tonight on American Idol. There are more females than males in the final 13, and the men seemed to have it a little more together last night. The girls were good, just not exceedingly good.

We start out with some bad news. Casey Abrams is missing because he’s in the hospital once again. The whole group of finalists and the audience give a big wave to him. Hopefully it isn’t anything serious or connected to what was making him ill a couple weeks ago.

We head to the American Idol finalists mansion, watching them arrive on moving day. Naima is doing cartwheels, Stefano wants someone to pinch him to be sure he’s real, Paul and Casey are playing ball in the house, and Haley is tearing up. Pia knows her parents would be jealous, and Thia feels like a princess. Lauren wants to go out on the balcony, Scotty thinks it’s too much for a North Carolina boy, and James thinks he might end up sleeping in the bathtub. Ashton is planning a menu already. Jacob listens to his echo, and Casey drinks from the pool. I would have liked to have seen who was roommates.

While this season has a whole host of changes, some things will never change. The finalists do a group number and launch into Wanna Be Startin’ Something by Michael Jackson. It’s a medley of his hits. This is a crew that knows hows to dance for a change. And that includes Paul.

The Idols are once again doing Ford Videos as well, and this time it’s set to the song The World. They’re putting up a a billboard with it painting a picture as they continue to ride around in Ford Focuses. It’s kind of missing a story somewhat.They also got to go to a red carpet movie premiere, Red Riding Hood. All the female Idols admire Amanda Seyfried, saying how beautiful she is, and they think Shiloh Fernandez is very handsome. Stefano thinks Casey looks most like a werewolf.

Karen Rodriguez, Jacob Lutz, and Stefano Langone are brought down to the middle of the stage for results. Jacob admits he messed up last night, but thinks he pulled it back together and got it back on track. Karen explains she had a couple of technical difficulties last night. If she makes it through, she’ll make it so much better next time. Stefano talks about not being voted through to the finals last week, but being named a wildcard by the judges. He knows the best of the best is there in that room. The guys are safe, and Karen is in the bottom three.

Adam Lambert comes back to the Idol stage to sing an unplugged version of Aftermath. He seems so professional sitting up there tonight that it’s hard to remember just two years ago he was vying for a chance to win just like these thirteen finalists. While he’s here, I think he should do a quick duet with James. Adam explains after his performance that he wrote the song with a friend, and the message is the most important part of the song. Jennifer gives him a quick lesson in the Dougie, but instead of him, it’s the couch with all the finalists breaking out into the Dougie.

Lauren Alaina, Ashton Jones, and Haley Reinhart ar the next Idols called to the center of the stage. Lauren admits that after her performance, she felt it kind of sucked and that the judges were right. She apologizes and looks like she’s ready to cry. Ryan lets her off the hook and sends her back to the couch. Wow, her mom looks just like her. Well, it’s someone in her family who it’s assumed is her mom.

Ashton thinks being named a wildcard pick fired her up more, but she also believes she should have picked a song that everyone knows to show that softer side of her. Randy believes Haley belongs somewhere in the middle of that country-R&B genre. She admits she likes to switch it up a bit. J-Lo thinks she looks like a young Stevie Nicks. Ashton is in the bottom three, as well as Haley. That means everyone on the couch is safe, as well as Casey, is safe.

It’s time for more filler as we get a performance from Diddy Dirty Money. He has a lot of pictures of his kids on in the background, leading ot many awe moments. He advises the idols to never give up on their dreams and to never stop.

It’s back to the bottom three, Ashton, Karen, and Haley. After thirty million votes, Karen is sent back to safety. The person who American has voted out is Ashton, although the judges may use the judges’ save on her. I’m thinking they won’t at this point, but she seems willing to give it the old college try with another performance. She’ll be singing her Diana Ross song again. The performance doesn’t get much better. It seems this is writing is on the wall.

The judges look sad as Ashton nears the end of the song, and I think this one is all but done. She starts crying, assumably figuring the same thing. America has put her in the bottom two weeks in a row. Jennifer tells her “not this time” and that it was unanimous. She whispers one last sorry. She cries watching her goodbye video set to David Cook’s version of Don’t You Forget About Me. The other idols come down and wrap her in a group hug.

This one wasn’t a big shock to anyone, and there was no way the judges were going to use that “Judges Save.” As hard as it was for Jennifer to eliminate Ashton, the need to keep the Save for when someone they’re expecting it to make it much further falls into the bottom three. Ashton’s performances just never held up enough, unless she was singing And I’m Telling You, and she just can’t sing that every week.

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