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American Idol 10, Mar. 9 – This Dude Can Do Anything!

Jennifer tells Karen she looks beautiful, but also warns she could tell she was a little bit uncomfortable with some of the notes, the lower end as well as the higher. She asks if Karen could hear herself as usually she’s spot on. Karen admits she did have a little trouble hearing. Normally Karen is one of their strongest girls, so she hope she makes it to next week. Randy agrees, saying it felt like Karen was fighting the song. She tried to do the little run at the end, but it was a little sleepy for him. She has all that energy with the big voice. Steven feels the same way, as the energy it took to ramp up to how well she ended the song was lacking a little bit. He knows she can sing so much better. She explains to Ryan she designed her outfit herself.

Scotty McCreery gets stool chat with Ryan and mentions he’s missing baseball season at home. It’s killing him, but if there were any place he’d rather be, it would be right here on this stage. His team is 2-2, and he gives a shout-out to his boys in blue.

Scotty worked with Don Was and figures there’s no other way to show off Jennifer’s claim that he was born to sing country music than to sing some Garth Brooks. He’s chosen The River and hopes he can do it some justice, as it’s one of Garth’s classics. Don has worked with Willie Nelson, Garth, and Waylon Jennigns and says what they have in common is they’re incredible storytellers, and Scotty seems to know how to do that naturally. Scotty attributes that to growing up in North Carolina. He’s seems like a very polished performer, and it’s hard to believe he’s just 17.

Randy tells Scotty he liked his answer to the conversation with Jimmy about possibly trying something different. “If it ain’t broke, don’t even think about fixing it.” It jus goes to show this is exactly where he belongs. He could put it out as a record right now. Steven tells Scotty he did Garth justice. Someone wrote a song, “The carpet’s all paid for, God bless the TV, let’s shoot a hole in the moon.” Roy Rogers was riding high, and Scotty’s riding high tonight. What J-Lo loved especially tonight was that she saw Scotty open up. They love listening to his voice, and now he’s taking everyone with him.

Naima Adadepo has chosen Rhianna as her idol and is singing Umbrella. On top of that, the producer she’s working with, Tricky, produced the song for Rhianna. He’s going to let her put a little bit of her in it, and wants to let her get a fresh look at the song. She knows since it’s a current song she has to bring something different to it. Jimmy was scared to death for her last week, but right now thinks she could go straight to the top five. She does well with it, but it is hard to forget Rhianna. She brings the storm, literally, at the end, with a lightening bolt.

Steven tells Naima she’s crazy good. She was a little pitchy, either it being not her cup of tea or else she couldn’t hear it. She brought another little something tonight and he adores her for it. Jennifer doesn’t care about the pitchy, as she has fire and was dancing and rapping up there. She was doing it like a real recording artist does and just needs to work on her control. Randy differs a little and does care about the pitchiness. She did learn something tonight, though, and that’s that she needs to control her breathing when she’s moving around. He loved the reggae feel to it.

Summing up the night, Randy thinks it was a good night, but a tough night. There were some really good performances and some that weren’t as good. With producers’ efforts to get the songs in short, they seemed a little tough. J-Lo thinks we’re beginning to learn more about the performers, while Steven thinks that does add pressure.

In answer to the question posed in the opening paragraph, yes, James can deliver something other than the hard rock. At the end of the night, it’s his performance and Casey’s that I can’t forget. That just figures, as James looks remarkably like my 14-year-old daughter’s boyfriend that keeps breaking up with her. I don’t think he’ll be off our TV screens for some time yet.

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