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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Ep 3 – Mud Instead of Tomatoes

Route Markers
• Kent has been a lot more fun this season – maybe the “y” was problem. Loved the cowboy hat, I guess the Cowboys really aren’t the only ones who can rock the hat.
• I wonder if ranking the smartest, savviest Racers of all-time if Margie would rank fairly high. Each week she seems to make very smart and apt observations. I also love her non-answer to Mallory about the flight, “(Pause) We have reservations.” I have joked for years that if you can’t give THE right answer, give A right answer. Margie agrees.
• Mallory wonders if she can get some chips in that parking garage. I am sure the Japanese have vending machines that sell much more awesome things than that.
• I still say Gary is a superhero, but kind of lame to go to the counter and pull a “I’ll have what she’s having.”
• How cool that the flight attendants announced to the slower, but earlier flight that they were first? We are a long way from the anonymity of Race 1.
• Didn’t love another spoon-fed car, but at least it was in the super cool parking garage.
• Gary on the Trotters in the tiny Japanese car – “He looks like Fred Flintstone.” I think it was the tallest auto he could afford.
• Zev made a Press Your Luck joke. I’m starting to love these guys. Although I can do without the underwear jokes. a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6zbK5HGqRE&feature=related”> Well, most of them
• Ron should never do a physical challenge, or one that requires grace. Ever.
• Seriously, the Cowboys need to get out the cities. Although, Jet thought those were real frogs, so maybe the country has gotten to him already.

Roadblock – A Yabusame Ritual, sort of. Learn the form of the ritual and shoot an arrow through a target. Meh. – Ron, Gary, Flight Time, Jen, Justin, Kent, Luke, Mike, Jamie. Jen pretty much rocked this one – keep her out of, and from drinking, water and she is fine.

DetourPrayer of Purity – A Shinto cleansing ritual, wear the wardrobe, learn the physical and vocal prayer, and then spend one minute underneath the freezing waterfall in the shadows of Mt. Fuji. Frog of Luck – Strip down and wear a kind of diaper, find a fake frog in a mud pit, while people throw mud at you. Only Ron/Christina and the Trotters did Prayer, the rest did the Frogs.

Order of Finish – Rain Man (again), Garlory, Ron/Christina (after the Trotter penalty dropped them two slots), Sisters, Trotters, Cowboys, Goths, Margie/Luke (another team in need of a nickname), Gingers and M&M Boys (ELIMINATED)

Next week – Goths veer off course, and Ron loses his ever-loving mind.

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