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The Amazing Race, Mar. 6 – A Mouse in a Frickin' Maze

Justin finds a frog, and he and Zev get a clue telling them to drive to Commodore Perry’s Landing, the pit stop for this leg of the race. Gary finds a frog shortly afterwards, and they take off as Mallory shouts back to the mud pelters that they’ll have two redheads to destroy who will look pretty good in the outfits. Zev and Justin are starting to feel like they could make first place again. They drop the clue as they rinse the mud off, and it looks like they pick it up, but it sure seems ominous. Justin decides to not waste time to put his pants back on. Zev does, as he announces he’s not wearing any underwear.

Kisha and Jen come running up as Kisha announces she doesn’t do bikinis. As they get pelted, Kisha figures this will teach her to keep her mouth closed. The Goth Couple and Mel/Mike arrive at the Detour, and both teams decide to do Frog of Luck. Mike didn’t figure it would be so satisfying to beat Jaime and Cara. Jaime is still working on her form and target. She finally gets it, and they’re on their way to the Detour.

The Globetrotters spend their time in the freezing waterfall, then when Flight Time picks up their fanny pack, the background music tells us something’s wrong. Ron and Christina hit the waterfall next, as he says the temperature of the water is bad enough, but the force of the water feels like they’re throwing rocks at you. They get done and go to get their fanny pack, but it’s gone. Flight Time had picked up the wrong bag. Wouldn’t their best bet be to follow them and switch up either when they run into them en route or at the pit stop?

Kisha and Jen find a frog, and get a clue to head to the pit stop. While changing, Ron sees his and Christina’s fanny pack laying in the room, and realizes the Globetrotters realized their mistake, and just left the fanny pack there. Justin stops to ask for directions while he’s putting on his pants. He notes in the States it would seem weird, but here no one bats an eye. Mallory is directing her dad to stay straight, saying they’re not going to take the turns right now and waste the time. I don’t get that, and I played it back a few times trying to figure it out.

Kisha and Jen are rinsing off as the Cowboys are arrive, as well as Margie and Luke. The Cowboys find a frog right away, as Margie scours the mud callng it ridiculous. Mel and Mike arrive to look for frogs too. Jaime and Cara arrive at the Detour and decide to do Frog of Luck, hoping for a ittle luck and to find it fast.

Zev and Justin arrive on Phil’s mat at the pit stop and are declared team number one. They have won a trip for two from Travelocity to Costa Rica. Justin says they’re in it to win it this time, and Zev explains it’s because they’re a team. He doesn’t want Justin to touch him though.

Back at the mud and frogs, everyone is still searching. The Goth Couple find a frog and take off. Kent is amazed that his makeup held up throughout that. When he complains about being cold, Vyxsin says she wasn’t cold, as she was working really hard. The others note how cold it is. Is she the only one that worked hard? Margie finally finds a frog.

The second team to arrive at the pit stop are Gary and Mallory, and the Globetrotters are named team number three. Jaime and Cara claim they were never this close to the bottom before. They were never technically eliminated in their first season. They came in second place with Margie and Luke coming in third. Tammy and Victor won that season.

Mel and Mike are really struggling, with Mike wanting to give up as it seems like a lost cuase. Mel admits he’s tired, but he doesn’t want to quit. Ron and Christna are named team number four, and she expresses her displeasure with the Globetrotters. Phil understands and gives Flight Time and Big Easy a thirty-minute penalty which puts them in third place. She’s sure if the tables were turned they would feel the same. Kisha and Jen come in to take fourth place.

Jaime and Cara arrive at the frog challenge as Mike is still wanting to give up while his dad is still fighting for it. The Cowboys arrive at the pit stop to take sixth place. Mel tells Mike it was the toughest day of his life. As they go out in a van to warm up, Jaime and Cara head out to the mud to start their own search for the frog. They have no idea that technically Mel and Mike are still out there.

The Goth couple are named team number seven, as Margie and Luke are team number eight. Jaime and Cara find a frog and head to the pit stop, but are sure they’re about to be eliminated for the first time in two seasons. They jump onto Phil’s mat and eliminate themselves. He tells them they are incorrect and still in the Race and team number nine. They’re deciding the mud on Cara’s head is a big giant lump of panda poo.

Mel and Mike jump onto the mat and are told they’re the last to arrive after a valiant effort. Mike announces after doing the Race twice, he realizes it’s about the experience he was able to have with his dad. He’s proud of him and grateful for the experience. Mel thinks they’ve grown closer than they’ve ever been, and that’s a pretty big gift too. He knows Mike knew he would lose the Race by telling him to get out, but he cared more about him than winning. Mike knows his dad never wants to give up, and that’s why sometimes you have to give up for him. Mel promises to be back at 80 years old in his walker.

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