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The Amazing Race, Mar. 6 – A Mouse in a Frickin' Maze

Ron and Christina arrive at the shrine and start walking around, and she says they really enjoy Japanese culture, and this gave them another window into it. They find the clue and get a Roadblock. One member from each team must dress as samurai and learn the techniques of a form, then shoot a target with a bow and arrow while being spun around while on a wooden horse. When they successfully pass this, they’ll get their next clue.

Ron is doing this challenge, but worries about it, as he doesn’t have the best eyesight, yet Christina does. Kisha and Jen arrive, as do Gary and Mallory and the Globetrotters. They’re looking for the cluebox. Gary and Mallory find it first, and with a clue that asks who wants to go back a thousand years in time, Gary decides it should be him, since he was born a thousand years ago. Ron works on learning the form, saying he’s not coordinated enough.

Kisha and Jen are the next to arrive, with Jen deciding she’ll do the challenge. Ron and Flight Time and Gary are all learning the form. The Cowboys are making their way through a map, and Jet thinks they should be heading south, but they’re heading east. Kent thinks someone would be a nut to try and drive this by themselves. Mike discusses it with Kent and thinks they need a better map. Margie/Luke and Jaime/Cara are stopped and discuss that the last five teams were supposed to do this together, but Zev and Justin went ahead without the others.

Ron is still working on doing the form, saying the judges are very strict. The others fail it as well. Zev and Justin arrive with Justin agreeing to do it. He’s glad to see others and know they aren’t too far behind. Mike and Mel finally decide they all just need to take off, as it’s just not going to work with all four of those teams getting there at the same time. In other words, he knows his dad is the slowest, so if the four of them get there at the same time, they lose. The Cowboys are frustrated with all the signs in Japanese, so are just going to continue to make their way south.

Jen is very detail-oriented, and she gets the form and shooting correct. They get the next clue, and it tells them to drive to a railway station and find the Kintaro Statue to get the next clue. Justin gets his form right as well as the target. Gary does it as well, but Ron is still working on it.

Kent/Vixsin and MelMike arrive at the Roadblock at the same time, with Margie and Luke right after. Kent, Luke, and Mike are doing it. Margie advises Luke to really watch the mouth, as they yell sometimes. I’m not sure if she means the other racers or the guides that are teaching them the form and target-shooting. Kent is enjoying the black and yellow outfit. Flight Time finishes the challenge as the Cowboys are arriving. Ron finally finishes his target practice after a really weird samurai yell.

Jaime and Cara are still driving around, as Jaime feels like a “mouse in a frickin’ maze.” She’s never driven on this side. She hits the mirror on someone else’s car as she drives by. She wants to just give him money and be on their way, but he wants to call the police. It’s hard for them to communicate with each other. Quite frankly, if a car with American TV cameras hits yours, hold out. You can probably get a lot of money from them.

The police arrive and ask for Jaime’s license. She thinks the guy made it more dramatic than it had to be. It takes them a long time, but they’re finally on their way again. Wouldn’t it have made sense to also ask the cop or the guy for directions to the dojo? Or would that have been pushing it?

Kent fails at the form, as does Luke, and Mike, who thinks it’s a lot harder than it should be. Kisha and Jen stop for directions at a funeral home. Mallory spots little statues, and hops out of the car to yell out to Justin. There are little boys out front flagging them down. They find a Detour – Prayer of Purity or Frog of Luck. In Prayer of Purity, teams will put on traditional wardrobe, then learn a vocal and physical prayer. They’ll stand under a frigid waterfall for one minute, then get the next clue. In Frog of Luck, teams will strip down and enter a mud pit, then as they’re being pelted with mud, they’ll search for a buried frog.

Both Gary/Mallory and Zev/Justin decide to do the frogs. The Globetrotters arrive, as do Ron/Christina. Both of these teams decide to do Prayer of Purity. Kisha and Jen arrive and decide to do Frog of Luck. Jaime and Cara finally arrive at the Roadblock with Jaime running in to do it. She apologizes to the person helping her, saying, “Sorry if I smell.” Luke finally finishes the challenge, as does Cord. Kent passes as well, as does Mike. This leaves Jaime all alone here.

Zev/Justin and Gary/Mallory get to the Frog challenge and have to strip down into weird outfits that Zev and Justin decide makes them look like really skinny sumo wrestlers. They start their search and are getting pelted with mud. Gary and Mallory come out to join them.

Christina is hoping they’ll get a lot of peace in their prayer ritual. They arrive at the same time as the Globetrotters. The four of them work on learning the prayer. The Cowboys and Margie/Luke find the statue and the cluebox and decide to do Frog of Luck. Jaime is struggling shooting the target.


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