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The Amazing Race, Mar. 6 – A Mouse in a Frickin' Maze

It seems the teams this season are finding it not as easy as it has been in the past. The clues aren’t automatic, meaning they have to do some legwork or thinking to figure out the answer. The science whizzes definitely had an easier time last week with the period table than some of the others. That type of thing is going to keep the race much more exciting, as well as the always-present unpredictability of the Race.

The first team to leave the Australian Outback are Zev and Justin at 11:57 AM. Teams now have to fly to Tokyo, Japan, and make their way to a parking garage to get the next clue. Justin remembers having to eat a Wasabi Hand Roll when they were in Japan the last time. Flight Time and Big Easy leave eight minutes later, and they’re remembering back to their time in Tokyo as well. Jet and Cord leave at 12:08 PM, and Kisha and Jen leave one minute later. All these teams are looking for a train to the airport. Kisha and Jen just miss the train the first three teams catch.

Margie and Luke leave at 12:10 PM and look for a travel agency for tickets. Mel and Mike leave four minutes later, and Mel mentions he’s feeling stronger every another hour and day they stay. It reinforces the idea that he’s old, but they can make it. They run into the same travel agency, and Margie tells them about a direct Qantas flight that arrives at 6:18 AM. They’re looking for something earlier.

Kent and Vyxsin leave at 12:16 PM, and Kent has a cowboy hat on, wanting Jet and Cord to know they aren’t the only ones that can rock a cowboy hat. Vyxsin calls him her little Urban Cowboy. They find a computer to check Travelocity. Jaime and Cara leave at 12:24 PM and head to a travel agent as well. Gary and Mallory leave at 12:26, and Ron and Christina leave two minutes later. She announces she recently became engaged to someone she met on season 12. To run the race again and see the world with her dad is extra-special, as she knows she won’t get the chance after she’s married.

The teams that are in the lead are beginning to hit the airport. Talking about the other teams, Zev decides he and Justin need a cool team nickname, but thinks the “Special Kids” wouldn’t work. Mel/Mike and Margie/Luke are still working on flights at the travel agency. They find a flight that will get them in fifteen minutes earlier, but it also only has a sixteen minute connecting flight in Hong Kong. They’re worried about the connection timeframe. The Globetrotters and “Special Kids” find the same flight at the airport and wonder if it’s worth it.

The Cowboys take the Qantas flight that gets them in at 6:15, as do Kisha/Jen and Ron/Christina. Gary and Mallory walk up and ask for the same 6:15 flight. Kent and Vyxsin take the connecting flight, as do Jaime and Cara. Margie/Luke and Mel/Mike also sign up for the connecting flight. Mike thinks those extra fifteen minutes will make the difference with them since they’re not the fastest team. There are only enough seats left for either the Globetrotters or Special Kids, so the Globetrotters give it to the Special Kids, since they were nice enough to give them the Roadblock clue on the first leg. The Globetrotters agree to go get Qantas.

Gary and Mallory come walking up to Margie/Luke and Mel/Mike and ask if they found a different one other than the Qantas flight. Margie just turns away and takes a swig from her water bottle, then says they have reservations. Father and daughter agree that the other two teams are being too sketchy.

The two flights take off without incident, but the first flight reaches the delay everyone feared in their layover in Hong Kong. There’s some problem with the engine that needs to be fixed. Mike is worried, knowing this could make him and his dad scramble against the four other teams, and again, they’re not the fastest team there. Zev announces they’ve been sitting there for over an hour, and this makes the second unlucky flight so far in the Race.

Somehow the Qantas flight people hear their flight is the number one flight into Tokyo, and they’re excited. The other flight finally takes off from Hong Kong.

The Qantas flight lands in Tokyo at 6:15 AM, and the teams scramble for the parking garage. The first team there are Gary and Mallory. The clue asks the teams to drive themselves to the city of Kamakura, and go to a shrine, then end up at the Yabasume Dojo to find their next clue. The teams have fun with the unique revolving spindle that delivers their cars. The Globetrotters barely fit in this tiny Japanese car. Gary laughs that Big Easy looks like Fred Flintstone. Cord wonders if he can get a “soda pop” out of the car delivery system.

The other flight arrives at 7:20 AM. Mike calls it a dogfight for last place. These teams all get their cars, with one of the females announcing they’re all going to wait for each other. Are they serious? Vyxsin is being driven nuts by Jaime and Cara calling them pushy. She also says that’s not too much of a surprise. As the car spindle continues to spin around, Zev yells out, “No whammy! No whammy!”

Gary and Mallory wonder if they’re going the wrong way. She leans out and asks the Globetrotters behind them, but they don’t have a map and are just following the others anyway. Ron and Christina are asking for directions while they drive. Malllory leans out and tells Kisha to go the other way. The Cowboys don’t seem too sure anyway.


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