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American Idol 10, Mar. 3 – Final 13 All Set

Randy calls up Ashton first. She’s singing some Jennifer Hudosn, because she’s not going. There’s that diva they keep talkin about. Listening to this performance, this girl belongs here. For the “You and You and You” part, she points at the judges. Yep, they’re going to love her. Her glory note says pick me, pick me. Steven thinks she brought it like she brought it before Jennifer felt her passion and how much she wanted to be here, and she knows she deserves it. Randy still loves the attitude.

Next, they call up Stefano, a surprising choice. He sings I Need You Now. Wow is all I can say. To keep this guy out would be criminal. He’s bringing tears to my eyes. This is a beautiful performance. James looks like he’s crying for him off to the side of the stage. Jennifer pumps her fists.

Randy loves that he chose that song to anoint this song, and Smokey Norfolk is one of his faovites. “Good lookin’ out.” Jennifer cracks she doesn’t even shake like that when she performs. There’s no way to get it right with this group of kids, and there’s no way to get it wrong, but he came through when he needed to. Steven tells Stefano he gilded the lily of his own passion, and did it where he did all those things in the beginning that made Steven
fall in love iwth his voice.

Steven calls up Kendra next. She’s singing Georgia on My Mind. She goes into a lower range with it than I was expecting. It sounds great, and is a much better song for her, but if I’m only picking one of the two girls singing in the wildcards so far, I’m picking Ashton. However, Kendra has one amazing glory note. Randy says it started low, but then she rocked it with all kinds of notes there.

Jennifer calls out Jovany as the next to get a chance. I’m shocked, as I thought their first choices would be Brett and Clint. He has chosen Jon Secada’s Angel, and dedicated it to one he once loved. It got him through top 24, and he hopes it gets him through now. Wow, he shows some pipes we just didn’t know he had. I’m hoping they go with a top 14. Just saying. Jennier tells him he did a good job and did all he could do.

For the last girl to get a second chance, Steven calls up Naima, “My own Porgy and Bess rolled up in one.” She’s singing a Donnie Hathaway song, For All We Know. It’s a good emotional performance. I tend to like Ashton’s a little better, but this girl can’t go back to cleaning toilets! Steven tells Naima she pulled it out from way deep down inside and gave it to him again.

The last guy called up is Robbie. I’m utterly shocked to not hear Brett or Clint again. Brett runs down to give the judges all hugs before he leaves the stage. What kind of cookie is he now? Robbie sings Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word by Elton John. It’s good, but I prefer the other two singers who had some more emotion packed into it. Randy tells him the Robbie they fell in love with is back. It’s making it so hard for them.

Back from commercial, Jennifer announces they haven’t made a decision yet and that they need more time. Instead, we get her On the Floor video. Who can pay attention to this? I want to know who makes it through. We’re back with the six contestants who want to make a video like that some day. But they have to wait … until after the break.

Randy announces their first choice, Ashton. She’s shocked, and runs excitedly to the top 10, which just became the top 11. She doesn’t hug anyone before she runs over there. Jennifer says they are pulling two more. The second person going through is Stefano. James is thrilled. There is just one more person, and I’m hoping for Jovany. Steven wishes they could do all of them, but he gives it to Naima as some guy, possibly her dad, is jumping wildly in the audience.

This is a different top 13 than we thought we’d have. With the male talent once again, we were figuring the balance to go the way of the guys, not the girls. Perhaps they’re trying to make sure we pick a girl this year, but something tells me as good as some of them are, it’s still going to be a guy winning this year.

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