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American Idol 10, Mar. 3 – Final 13 All Set

As we go to the interviews with the girls, Ashton’s favorite moment is performing on the big stage, as is Julie’s. Haley’s is getting through the photo shoots, Ta-Tynisa likes being around the cameras as well, and it makes Ashton feel like a star. Naima’s favorite moment was J-Lo saying she was like a flower, without her even knowing that’s what the name Naima meant. Lauren Turner’s moment was J-Lo telling her she reminded her of Bette Midler, which is a huge deal for her. Pia’s is the amount of excitement Randy had for her. It was everything she dreamed of and more. For Lauren Alaina it was Steven saying “we found her … oh yeah, we did” in relation to her. She was pretty excited about it.

Each of them wants to say thank you for everything that has happened so far. If Thia doesn’t go through to the top twelve, she’ll be devastated. If Rachel doesn’t, it will be like the biggest kind of heartbreak to finally get the courage to stop being insecure and have all of America say no. If Karen gets through, she’ll say the Latinos are back in the game baby. Lauren doesn’t even want to talk about getting cut, and Lauren Turner is going to cut us if she gets cut. Still, Kendra knows she has done things she never thought she would.

Pia Toscano and Lauren Alaina come to the center of the stage. Ryan Seacrest asks Pia what it means to be standing here tonight. She says it means everything to her; she’s dreamed of it since she was a little girl. She’s auditioned a few times, and to finally be in the top 24, she hopes she stays. She’s standing next to a beautifully talented girl, and she’s blessed. Lauren’s heart is racing. She was compared yesterday to Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, then Kelly sent her a tweet and compared her to Kellie Pickler. She says tonight she’s just Lauren. She’s voted into the top 10 and takes a seat next to Scotty. Pia is also in the top 10.

Ta-Tynisa Wilson and Julie Zorrilla take center stage next. Julie is asked what went through her head after her critique last night, and she says she was sad, as she thought she let a lot of people down as people were rooting for her. She’d love the opportunity to get up there and play the guitar for the song instead. Steven loves her honesty, knowing that she did the wrong thing last night, and he says she needs to take the honesty and put it into her performance. After the vote, Ta-Tynisa has not made it through, and neither has Julie.

Kendra Chantelle, Ashton Jones, and Karen Rodriguez are brought to the center of the stage. Kendra felt her performance went well Wednesday night and that she got nothing but positive feedback from the judges. She hopes the audience felt the same way. Ashton liked being called a diva, as anything from the judges is okay. Ashton and Kendra have not made the top ten, but Karen has.

Tim Halperin, Casey Abrams, and Jacob Lusk make it down to center stage. Well, there’ no way either Casey or Jacob aren’t going through. I don’t think Ryan even needs to call out these results. In regards to Jennifer calling Casey sexy, he half-whispers, “I feel so sexy.” Steven would have picked some Jason Mraz or John Maher, or something more alternative for a song choice for Tim. Jacob and Casey makes it through. Tim doesn’t.

Naima Adedapo, Thia Magia, and Lauren Turner take center stage. To hear herself compared to Michael Jackson, Thia calls it an unbelievable comment; she’s so emotional, she can’t even talk. Only one of them has made it through, Thia. I need to note here that Thia needs serious wardrobe help in her large colorful sweater and skirt.

Brett Loewenstern and Paul McDonald are brought to the stage. Brett mentions he wants it very badly, but he’s numb right now with everything shaking and is in a trance right now. We’d understand if we were in his shoes. One of them has made it, one has not. Moving on is Paul, him and the rosey jacket. Jordan grabs Brett in a big hug to the side of the stage to console him.

Haley Reinhart and Rachel Zevita come to the center of the stage to see who gets the last spot in the top 10 for the girls. Randy explains why Fallin’ wasn’t the right song for Haley, saying it’s hard to brng something interesting to a song that people know so well. The one moving on is Haley.

To find out the final guys’ spot in the top 10, Stefano and James take center stage. Oh c’mon. It has to be James! It’s not even slightly questionable. No need to tremble or shake. These two guys have been roommates since Hollywood week, interestingly enough. It’s James who moves on to the top 10. Stefano goes back and waits with the other guys to hopefully get a wildcard chance.

Those that the judges pick to sing in the wildcard round can sing any song they have sung in the competition so far. If Clint is smart he’ll sing Georgia on My Mind, and if Jordan is smart he’ll sing anything other than OMG. Jennifer informs us they’re choosing three boys and three girls.


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