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American Idol 10, Mar. 3 – Final 13 All Set

With this different type of semi-finals system, this shortened different type of semi-finals system, there isn’t a whole lot of room for error. If you didn’t get it by this week, you’re out. And you won’t get to come back next year either. Once you make it out of Hollywood, you’re done. There ought to be a lot of tense people in there tonight.

Randy Jackson explains how this wildcard round is going to work. I had thought earlier it would be spread out over an extra week like it was before, but instead it’s all happening tonight. Once the top ten vote-getters are announced, the judges will decide which singers they want to hear again, then will decide among them who they’ll add to the final ten.

Jennifer Lopez admits they’ve been talking about it and going over different scenarios, if this or that happens, and she knows it’ll be a difficult show, and might just even call an audible. Steven Tyler is asked whether the guys or the girls were better this week in their performances, and he can’t say, or rather he’s not going there. J-Lo and Randy both think it was pretty even.

Talking to the twelve guy semi-finalists, Brett Loewenstern admits he slept good. Stefano Langone talks about the closeness of all the guys and how badly they want all of them to go through, but know half are going home. He says it sucks. Ryan Seacrest also jokes that if Casey Abrams stays, he needs to have more fun up there on the stage. He plays along with it.

All the guys were interviewed and talked about their defining moment, favorite genre, and other things. Jacob thinks his moment was God Bless the Child, Scotty thinks Long Black Train. For Stefano it was the way J-Lo pronounces his name. Casey thinks he and Randy have a connection over playing the bass and he wants a bass-off, and Jacob remembers Steven telling him every time he sings he makes him cry. Randy told Brett his dance moves were entertaining. He can’t dance but he does his own thing. He has a way of shaking his body and just goes with it. Paul never practiced moves in front of the mirror, but thinks it looks like he’s doing it with chicken arms.

Tim loved the premiere party, saying it was ridiculous, and Clint agrees. James notes the blue carpet was like the red carpet, but was red. They all talk about people calling their names all over, and James thought it was weird that Country Living Magazine was calling out to him, but I think he’s displaying for the first time a wicked sense of humor. Casey knows he looks like a guy who slacks and couldn’t do anything but flip burgers. Talking genres, Scotty of course is a country boy, Jovany Motown, Jordan R&B, and James Heavy Metal. The whole thing has brought Brett from being a burnt cookie in the back to a burnt cookie with frosting on it. He’s a rainbow cookie in a pile of chocolate chip cookies. He’s like the cookie cupcakes with frosting designs.

Scotty McCreery and Robbie Rosen come to the front of the stage to hear their judgements. Scotty talks about the good comments he received from the judges, who he says are legendary. To hear compliments like that, he’s taken aback and appreciates it. J-Lo is asked what she wants to see if he stays in the competition, and says more of the same. She wants to see him stay in his lane, but challenge himself as well.

Robbie is a junior in high school, and says his friends know this has always been his dream and thinks they’re happy for him. Randy is asked for Robbie’s strengths, and believes he’s truly a singer/songwriter, but performance night wasn’t his best night. Yet earlier he was amazing at the piano. When it comes down to the judgement, Scotty is in the top ten, and Robbie hasn’t made it, as he waits to see if he becomes a wildcard.

Clint Jun Gamboa, Jordan Dorsey, and Jovany Barreto step up to the front of the stage next. Clint doesn’t look like his health will let him survive the night. Randy is asked about him, and says he’s way beyond a karaoke singer. After confirming Clint is okay, Ryan moves on to Jordan. He says if he could do it all over again, he’d pick a John Legend song again, Ordinary People. Jovany says either way it works it’s been an incredible journey so far. After the vote, neither Clint nor Jordan have made it through. Jovany hasn’t made it either. I think Jordan is hoping to get to the wildcard round to sing some Legend.

Ashton Jones mentions the girls are just as tight as the guys and says they’ve all become best friends. They have prayed together and been roommates together. She’s falling in love with all the girls. They’ve taught her another step in being confident in herself.


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