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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 12 – Ellis Island and Family Trees

Quickfire Hits
• Hysterical moment as Antonia jokes that she thinks Padma is coming to the apartment and just a couple of beats later, the lovely Padma walks in. They genuine surprise and amusement on all of them was classic.
• Although I was pretty certain free falling egg making was not going to be the challenge, Antonia!
• Loved the small quiet moment of the chefs waiting for the horn to blow.
• What doesn’t Blais have in his bag? Army MRE bags?!?! Seriously?
• Mike as a boy in 70s spandex. Heh. “That’s my cousin. Go Mikey,” said Antonia.
• Nice moment in Blais’ confessional as he comments on Carla’s use of liquid nitrogen – “She’s pushing herself, that’s what you have to do.” Respect.
• Did Blais say that glasswort was sexy? I’d question his definition of sexy, but we met his wife this week.
• Tom wants to have his mother’s gravy as his final meal on earth. Most of us would probably simply take Tom’s gravy.
• How awesome was Mr. Carla’s depiction of her goofy “game face.” Even better, his description of how they met on Match.com.
• Carla and Tiffany pulled the old “Friends” Joey Tribbiani fake-out upon return to the Stew Room. Acting all sad, but erupting in glee with the Final Five reveal.
• Extra scene – Everyone tasting the other dishes and realizing how good they were. Antonia explains how she and Blais were a mess, the others employ a whatever happens, happens mentality. Not them.

Next week – PADMA IN A BIKINI. I’m already swooning. Good morning, indeed, Mike. Chefs go head to head with the chef that beat them originally – Kevin, Mike Voltaggio, Hosea and Steph. Not sure how they handle the fact that Steph beat both Blais and Antonia. Underwater. Fire. Gail can’t finish eating. Antonia in tears. Let’s get to Wednesday already!

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