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American Idol 10, Mar. 3 – Top 12 Girls Sing, Who Moves On?

Randy tells Haley it’s a great song and Alicia does it great, but it doesn’t do anything for Haley. The crowd disagrees. They fell in love with the husky tone with a little bit of Janis in it, but it’s gone away and is now like a karaoke thing. Steven didn’t hear it at all and heard just the right amount of style and sexy.

Randy asks, “Really?” prompting Steven to say if he agreed with Randy, they’d both be wrong. You have to love that! He liked where she took it with the rasp. Jennifer agrees and says they saw a lot of color in her voice. She needs to get out of her head a little bit, and is too worried about what she’s doing.

Thia Magia, of Mountain House, California, says you can do whatever you want to no matter how young or old you are. She sings Out Here On My Own and definitely has a clear and gorgeous voice, but I don’t feel she really feels the words to this song. I know this song, have felt this song, have loved this song, for a long time, and I don’t feel she could say the same. However, her voice is gorgeous.

Steven tells Thia sometimes a person’s pitch can be so perfect it doesn’t matter what song they sing, and she just did that. He feels they did a good job judging everyone, because they picked so many talented people. It’s going to make it tough for the public to decide, but she’s making it easy for him.

Jennifer found it to be a beautiful and quiet moment in the beginning to sing without music, but captivate everyone. It was special. Randy notes it’s been said that the mark of a great singer is the qulaity of the tone of the voice, and hers reminded him so much of the late great Michael Jackson. It doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s what hot singing is all about.

Lauren Alaina of Rossville, Georgia, says this show is a ticket to showing the whole country what she’s all about. She sings Turn on the Radio and has a lot of the confidence of Reba. She’s perhaps the first really commercially good singer on tonight. You can have a great voice, but you have to make songs that people want to hear … on the radio.

J-Lo tells Lauren she looks so beautiful and that she doesn’t even have to try. It’s crazy to her when she watches her up there. The voice is so effortless, and she knows there’s more in there and is so amazing how much of a natural she is. Randy thinks she has a natural gift and can sing anything, but he doesn’t even believe she knows how good she is. She reminds him of a combination of Kelly meets Carrie, and Jennifer agrees.

Steven agrees there’s room there between Clarkson and “that” where she should live. Just becuase she can sing in the stratosphere, doesn’t mean they should do it every time. She didn’t do it this time, but she kills him. She’s the best, and he loves her. Lauren wants everyone to meet Peaches, and she introduces us to Ryan. Peaches, because the two are both from Georgia.

Pia Toscano, a makeup artist from Howard Beach, New York, says this has been her dream since she was a little girl, and means everything to her. She sings I’ll Stand By You and has a clear voice and tons of power that she uses in all the right places. She’s the first one tonight to go for a glory note and do it succesfully. She gets a standing ovation from the judges, and her family cries in the audience

Randy notes it’s the first standing O of the season, and after ten seasons he’s seen some amazing perromances, but she’s just put herself in the top with them. It was unbelievable and is how you do it. Steven tells her after Monday and Tuesday every day of the week even, a day of the week says WTF. Okay … That wasunbelievable and so over the top going from here to there. Jennifer knows she wa a standout, but she feels she was a little stricky, as she was saving that for when it counts. It was out of this world.

It’s pretty clear the last three will get through to the finalists, but who will join them?

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