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American Idol 10, Mar. 3 – Top 12 Girls Sing, Who Moves On?

Steven loved Rachel’s strut, swagger and moves, though it’s a little too Broadway to him … not that it’s a bad thing. He thinks it could be her niche. She tells him she thinks it’s the one thing she hasn’t done. J-Lo tells Rachel that’s the question. It’s the first time America is getting to see her, and it comes down to how she wants them to see her. Does she want them to see her as a Broadway performer or a recording artist right now? Everyone knows J-Lo is a fan of hers, and that she has amazing range, but she hopes they would have seen more of that tonight. Randy calls it just not good, saying it wasn’t great, wasn’t good, and just didn’t work. He didn’t even recognize the song. Well, it wasn’t that bad. Rachel tells Ryan she was happy to be onstage performing tonight.

Karen Rodriguez, also from New York City, appears to be set to bore us to tears this evening. She’s singing Hero. She has a beautiful, clear voice, but it’s just too dry and not what anyone is looking for. She does do part of the song in Spanish, and that changes it up and makes it a different and really pretty. Karen misses a few notes as well.

Jennifer tells Karen “wow” and shows the goose bumps she has on her arms. She loves that she changed from English to Spanish, as it shows who she is. Randy liked that she figured out a way to make it her own and not just like she was a soundalike. He even thought the Spanish was better than the English, and Jennifer thinks the Spanish just sounds beautiful in the song, which it does. Steven calls Karen a one-of-a-kind singer, and he thinks she should get together with Jacob Lutz to sing the song together. Karen calls Jacob her best friend. Ryan jokes, asking him how his Spanish is, and apparently it’s muy bien.

Lauren Turner, a maid from Covington, Louisiana, was told by Jennifer she reminds her of a young Bette Midler, and that to Lauren makes her feel like she’s got something. She sings Seven Day Fool and has a little bit of grit to her. She has some promise.

Randy tells Lauren he’s not just saying it because she’s from Lousiana, but that’s how you do it. He loves the whole power thing and how it cold be Amy Winehouse singing. He just loves the whole bluesy soul thing. Steven tells Lauren it was spectacular and like Laura Turner meets Lauren Turner. He wasn’t sure when she started out, but she brought it. The song was upstairs and beaultiful. It was a perfect, compete sentence. J-Lo tells Lauren her voice is undenaible, but physically she’s holding back. It would have put her over the top if she just got in there and gave it to them.

Ashton Jones, a retail manager from Goodlettsville, Tennessee, says there’s no going back to Nashville until she comes back the American Idol. She starts out the night asking the ladies what’s up, then launches into Love All Over Me. She has a good voice, but it seems she thinks it’s a little better than it is.

Steven calls Ashton Jonesy and says she has the confidence of a queen. She sings so sweet and goes places with her voice few have gone. He tells J-Lo they’ve found one. J-Lo thinks she has all the makings of a diva, the big hair, the body, the moves, and the composure. Her confidence is breathtaking. Ashton claims she got her voice from Jennifer and goes into a Jennifer imitation. Randy likes her and her confidence, but didn’t love the song. It’s lke an R&B Monica thing, and he thinks she brought it larger than that. He tells her she’s more like a Ross, meaning Diana, of course.

Next up is Julie Zorrilla, of Los Angeles. She thinks she’s been waiting for it her whole life. She doesn’t start in tune to the music for Breakaway, and doesn’t have the clearest voice either. And when you take a song by the orignal American Idol, who is royality here, you have to bring it.

J-Lo tells Julie she liked it, but didn’t feel it was the best thing she’s done. They have talked about singing from the heart, and it was the one thing she felt Julie has been missing. She felt it a little more, but still needs more connection. Randy notes Kelly sang it orignally, but says Julie didnt bring anything new to it and didn’t sing it nearly as well. She has to figure out what is going to make her stand out. Steven tells her it was a great chorus, but it was the wrong song for her. Up a few keys he feels would by better. It didn’t work for him.

Haley Reinhart, from Wheeling, Illinois, wants to be an inpisration to people all over the world someday. She sings Fallin’, and it’s the first time tonight where I said “Yeah.” She always had the place where she can drop her voice and get the growl to give her voice some character. She not just singing it, but living it.


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