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American Idol 10, Mar. 3 – Top 12 Girls Sing, Who Moves On?

Last night on American Idol 10, there were some very good performances, and this was just the first performance episode in semi-finals. Some were falling to the first week of semi-finals’ golden rule to not pick a current top 40 song, as it gives us too much to compare to. And they won’t learn either, as the gals will be there tonight, doing the same thing. Someone’s going to try to sing Gaga or Katy Perry or something.

Ryan Seacrest starts the night by asking Jennifer Lopez what’s so special about this group of girls. She mentions that they’re talented and beautiful inside and out. She thinks everyone will be surprised with what they see tonight. Last night, everyone saw how amazing the guys are, and the girls are just as explosive.

Randy Jackson explains that America needs to think of who can go the distance when they watch the show tonight and try to figure out where to throw their votes. Steven Tyler gets the biggest applause yet again and says with this group tonight he sensed a lot of nervousness, but they need to sing like it’s their encore song.

Ta-Tynisa Wilson, a waitress from Aurora, Illinois (where my hairdresser lives as well as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World), thinks this shows that anything is possible. Tonight, she’s singing Only Girl (In the World). Okay, it’s not Gaga or Katy, but … she’s proving that theory. She does not do it nearly as good as Rihanna. There’s too much to compare it to.

Steven tells Tatynisa it was a beautiful way to open the show, and she sang the song, while it sang her. He liked it a lot. Jennifer laughs that it’s good that it’s over and she’s the first one. She started off shaky a little bit, but she brought it all the way home. J-Lo felt the crowd. Randy disagrees and thinks it was just okay. He didn’t think she brought anything special to it and that it paled next to Rihanna’s. Ryan wants to know how everyone should vote, and J-Lo says it’s about moving the crowd, and she moved the crowd. Randy wants it known he was part of the crowd and wasn’t moved. Ryan shoots some jokes out at him, basically because Simon isn’t here for him to do it to.

Naima Adedapo, an artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (getting all the Midwestern girls out of the way first), has stool chat with Ryan. She explains she designed her dress herself tonight. She’s singing Summertime, and it’s like home to her, because it was one of the first songs she got from her mother. She feels like she was born a bright star and only needs the ability to shine. She sings a more upbeat version of this song than we’re used to hearing. She has a big ole note at the end that she hits.

Jennifer tells Naima she loves to see someone nail a note at the end like that. She brings color and is like an exotic flower in a rose garden. It also happens to be what Naima means. Randy thinks it was a little “lounge act-y” with that arrangement in the middle, because they saw someone by the name of Fantasia Barrino annihilate the song. What he does like is the way she made it an interesting thing for herself. By the end, he was like “Yo, I know there’s something in this girl.”

Steven tells Naima she does take her personally since the first time he heard her, and it reminded her of a young Ella Fitzgerald. This is what American needs. It’s an old-timey thing, but it could be new. The way she brought it was unbelievable.

Kendra Chantelle, an office manager from Loudon, Tennessee, sings Impossible, and it’s one of those where the jury is out. In her tight outfit that almost looks like a catsuit, the song doesn’t light you up, but it also doesn’t make you turn away. She sings it well, but again, it’s hard to beat Christina Aguilera, unless you’re talking the National Anthem.

Randy recalls when he first heard Kendra was going to sing that song, he was a little worried, because Christina did her thing and worked it out. But he loved that vibrato, and it reminded him of Lauryn Hill and made him feel connected. Steven always looks forward to listening to what her voice can do and she did it again. Voice hot, clothes hot, style hot. J-Lo loves that Kendra has heart. She fought her way into the top 12 with that beautiful voice. She feels there’s more of her in there and she hopes she gets through so they can see it. She thinks they’re just scratching the surface.

Rachel Zevita, a singer from New York City, is finally getting here after trying out the first time four years ago. She knows she’ll shake things up, and that’s fun and exciting. Wearing some black cape tonight, then whipping it off, Rachel sings about being a bad, bad girl. It’s Criminal. There’s something really cool and exotic about her.


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