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American Idol 10, Mar. 1 – As Good as It Gets.

Steven tells Scotty to listen to the applause and tells him he’s going to be getting plenty of letters from home real soon. He doesn’t think he could have picked a better song to represent who and what he is and the love he has for singing. Steven calls it beautiful.

Jennifer remembers that Scotty told her one day in Hollywood that if it were up to him, he would have cut himself, but she disagreed. She points to the audience and show him this is why. Some people are born to do certain things and he was born to sing country music. It’s what she calls being in your lane. Randy loved that he switched it up to John Michael Montgomery and that he’s a throwback country guy. Randy loves the lowness of Scotty’s voice. He’s a big fan. Scotty tells Ryan to be on the stage after watching for so long, it’s been a dream.

Stefano Langone, 21, of Kent, Washington, sings Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are. He has a rough start, but he puts it in gear, making it the only current top 40 song sung tonight that I like. He hits a good high note in there too, well, almost good.

Steven tells Stefano he loves the way his voice cut through the air in the room. He can always tell he’s on the money when the vein in his forehead pops. He gave it up again tonight. Jennifer tells him he’s so consistent She can always be sure she’ll have her hands in the air, grooving to everything he’s doing. Iet’s natural and moves.

Randy says J-Lo is right, as they all felt like they were in a concert or something. There were a couple high notes that were a little sharp, but it doesn’t matter, as Stefano had them rocking. They believed him. Randy feels he could be on the radio right now. Stefano declines to name a certain woman the song is for, saying it was for all the ladies. Ryan thinks he’s going to be in trouble.

Paul McDonald, 25, a musician from Nashville, Tennessee, is ready to take the stage and rock America. Tonight, he sings Maggie May, and I knew it from the first note of the mandolin. Paul is very comfortable up there and adds enough to the song that we’re not comparing it to Rod Stewart. He does seem like he took some mood-altering drugs before the show though. He’s about to pop out of his clothes. This is the most perfect song for him.

Steven tells Paul it’s all about the jacket and the McDonald two-step. He has a real character about his voice, and Steven loves that. It’s one of the most important things, the way he acts and shakes it off and just is. J-Lo thinks he has real character in the way he moves, too, and it’s very unique. She loves it. He’s all in black, but his smile lights up the whole place. She loves someone who smiles while they sing. It brings joy to the world. Randy finds Paul so unique and different, and more so than anything they’ve had on the show before. He likes the possibility that Idol can embrace a singer that is quirky and different. He loves it and is a fan.

Jacob Lusk, 23, a spa concierge from Compton, California, sings A House Is Not a Home, and is spiffy as all get out in a suit and tie. i’m just waiting for him to hit those notes and go off on a mad run. I’ll just sit and wait patiently. You can see it in his eyes that he’s holding it back. He wants to do it so badly, and was told to save it. There it is! Casey is applauding more than anyone it seems.

Steven feels divine intervention is what brought Jacob here so that the American people can get to hear a voice like that. He’s honored to be in his presence and makes Steven cry when he sings. He doesn’t know where he gets it from, but Steven will bathe in it. J-Lo says Luther Vandross is her favorite singer of all time, and when she heard Jacob do that just now, she said this is what’s so exctiing. Luther is gone, but now they have Jacob.

Randy agrees, as Luther would be so proud of Jacob. He also has something else. He opens up into the false with those crazy crystal clear votes. They’re lucky to have him there, as he doesn’t think there’s anything he can’t do. When he sings, Jacob says he feels good on the inside, making Ryan says we all feel good on the outside.

Casey Abrams, 19, a film camp worker from Idyllwild, California, wants to create a different American Idol mold. He’s singing I Put a Spell On You tonight and isn’t using an instrument tonight, but is another one that’s completely comfortable up there and just having a good time with some great vocals. He feels every single note and makes me feel it right along with him. Randy nods along in obvious enjoyment.

Stens calls Casey “in-your-mind good and out-of-your-mind unreal.” He takes the opportunity to ask the girls in th audience what they think of him. They seem to enjoy him. Steven likes that Casey gives it up to the melodic sensibility and likes how he drags it out. He wants to know who he’s singing to, but Casey insists it was a random person. “As good as it gets.”

J-Lo tells Casey he’s sexy. He’s going to redefine what this whole thing is, and she knows he wants it bad. He came out on fire and ate it all up. She loved it. Randy loved how Casey transformed himself into the spirit of the song and says Screaming J is somewhere jumping up an ddown really proud. He’s really “that one” and is so different and unique. Randy loves it and applauds it. Casey mentions his stomach problems, as Rayan backs away.

We had a lot of expectations for this season, and while some of the guys didn’t pan out tonight as much as we may have hoped, the guys who did succeed were singing like it was the finale, not the first performance show in semi-finals. Can the girls answer that call tonight?

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