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American Idol 10, Mar. 1 – As Good as It Gets.

For those of you who may have been unaware, there was a near disaster for our first performance episode tonight. Casey Abrams came down with some type of stomach ailment and was rushed to the hospital. He made it back in time for tonight’s episode that was actually filmed late last week. I, for one, am really happy about that.

Ryan Seacrest rolls out the new stage, the new 360 degree stage. He explains how the semi-finale process will work this time. The top five guys and gals in votes will be announced on Thursday. The remaining contestants move on to the wild card round.

Asked how it is to be sitting at the judging table with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson explains they had a fun time on the road, and it’s been like they’ve been doing it all their lives. He jokes that season 10 is the “remix.” Ryan notes how emotional we’ve seen J-Lo, and asks if it’s going to be tough for her to give up control to America to do the voting, but she thinks they’re ready. She’s excited for America to get to know the singers.

Ryan asks Steven if he feels at home in the wild crowd, and he says he can’t get enough of it. He lives for the live experience and not knowing what’s going to happen. He gifts him with an American Idol bubble for him to hold in front of his mouth in case he talks about ducks again. Both he and Ryan try it out, and the bleep and bubble work wonders.

Up first tonight is Clint Jun Gamboa, 26, the karaoke host from Long Beach, Califiornia. He calls this one of the best ways to become more of the artist he wants to be. He sings Superstitious, and I like it, but I’m just tired of hearing this song on Idol. I also don’t think it plays to his talents enough. I think he’s better than this.

Steven calls it beautiful and tells Clint he started and ended strong, and proved to him everything he saw in the last couple of months. Jennifer thinks it must have felt good to get it out, as she noticed he had a lot of the jitters, but it didn’t seem to affect his performance. She was so excited for everyone to see and hear that and expects a lot from him now. Randy agrees and knows people are looking at this thinking “karaoke,” but there’s no karaoke talent in the world who has that kind of vocal talent. Clint tells Ryan the nerves usually affect him more after, like right now.

Jovany Barreto, 23, a ship builder from Harvey, Louisiana, requests/demands that there’s no more shipyard for him. He sings I’ll Be, and it’s yet another Idol song that is overdone. I like Jovany and his voice, but this song choice just killed his choices at getting through to the top five guys. However, Jennifer looks like she’s really loving it.

Steven proclaims, “Holy shipyard!” and decides he doesn’t need the Idol swear bubble. He tells him Jovany he brought it and had some nice runs. Jennifer is happy right now because people got to see Jovany for the first time and see what he can do, and he did it. Randy hates to be the one to break up the apple cart, but he didn’t get it, as it felt very karaoke. The thing about doing cover songs, is you have to bring something new and unique, otherwise it just kind of sounds like the original but not as good. It was just okay and the modulation okay.

Jennifer disagrees with Randy, and says it was a good first performance on a big stage. Jovany begs to Randy, saying he thought he’d have him sewn up with the Baton Rouge connection. Randy explains he has to be tough on his homeboy.

Jordan Dorsey, 21, a musician from LaPlace, Louisiana, says he wants to be a legend. Tonight, he gets a rough start singing OMG, finds his own with it, then starts to lose it again. Here’s what he’s doing that Jovany didn’t. He found something to make it different than the original. Unfortunately it wasn’t successful, but the attempt was there. Usher just wasn’t a good choice.

Steven tells Jordan he had the moves, but it wasn’t one of his favorite performances of his. It wasn’t “OMG” – over the top for him. Jennifer tells Jordan he knows she loves him and has since the beginning, but she’s not sure it’s who he wants to be as an artist. To her, he’s Nat King Cole, the soft R&B guy who does amazing things with his voice. Randy tells Jordan if he’s going to sing someone’s song, he has to bring something to it, and it was kind of pitchy all over the place. It paled in comparison, and he’ll always be judged by it. He explains to Ryan he felt like he had to move around to it, but if he stays in the competition he won’t do that, as he’s not a “jumpy-jumpy” singer.


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