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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Ep 2 – Elimination Steeped in Irony

Route Markers
• Justin – “Teams don’t think we can win…we can work this to our advantage.” They only think that because you finished in 9th place. Keep winning legs without losing your paperwork and they’ll target you.
• Trotters talking about things in common – kids, basketball, crawfish(!). And of course Flight Time thinks the biggest difference is that Big Easy is ugly, and he isn’t.
• Loved the cabbie demanding Garlory tell him where they were going – “Give me an address!” Did they really just hop in the cab, show him the cryptic clue, and think he knew where he was going?
• Mike thinks the Race is physically more difficult after Mel gets really fatigued. Um, no, you’re just a bit older. Mel is 70. Most 70-year-olds get winded going to the early bird special at IHOP much less doing a double leg in Australia.
• Rough first leg comes to an end for the Cowboys but not before they smashed their heads into the buoy. Heh. Cowboys = good in rural legs, bad in urban legs. They seemed to be wandering the streets of Sydney at night trying badly to find the sign up sheet. Curious choice.
• Anyone notice that Ron almost got himself, his daughter and the crew killed by that giant tractor-trailer?
• Mike on the Detour crowded madness – “We have teams to the left of us, teams to the right.” Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.
• Big Easy trying to get into a groove with the dancers. Break it down.
• Kent and Vix get the Detour done first but then Kent goes wacky. Instead of them dancing on the mosaic, he tries to wrangle the dancers, especially the kids. “VIXEN – get me some children!!!” That could just be the strangest way anyone has requested to start a family.
• Ron’ crazy mutterings at the Detour – “Dance on top? Won’t that ruin it?” Oh, his back surgery! “This is so messy!” Then he dumped all the crap out of his jacket, and wondered where his hat went. Oh, Ron. As Christina said, “We’re just two very different people. And we love each other.”
• Justin – “Look, Zev, we’re in the Outback!” Zev – “Not a lot of steakhouses.”
• Zev – “I think I found my Halloween costume.”
• Jamie as a kangaroo – “Not the kind of animal I usually dress up as.” I’d link to what she is talking about, but Playboy links may not be appropriate for some readers!
• Love the shot of the Animal Control van as the kangaroo Racers bounced on by.
• Did Ron just call Phil, Bill? Phil should call him a different name each week they stick around.

Detour – Spirit World – Make a mosaic using traditional materials and do traditional dance atop it. Or Natural World – Make a territory marker by spitting a paint/clay liquid on top of animal cutouts and your own hands.

All teams did Spirit World, except Amanda/Kris who had to do both.

Order of Finish – Zev/Justin, Trotters, Cowboys, Sisters, Margie/Luke, M&M, Goths, Ginger, Garlory, Ron/Christina, and Amanda/Kris (ELIMINATED)

Next week – Japan. Mud. Yelling. Gingers suffer a game-changing setback, where it is implied that they ran someone over.

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