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The Amazing Race, Feb. 27 – A Huge Bummer

The Globetrotters and Kisha/Jen are the next to arrive at the corner of Mercury and Bismuth and get the next clue. They get in cars and head to the pit stop. Kisha tells Jen to start gathering their stuff, but Jen complains she doesn’t know how to do that, as she has a kangaroo suit on.

Margie/Luke, Mel/Mike, the Goth Couple, the Cheerleaders, and the Cowboys, all get to the the clue on the corner and head to the pit stop. Margie yells at Mike for trying to take off both bouncy shoes, saying he only needs one off. Honestly, it only takes a minute or two, and that has to be uncomfortable driving. It’s easy for her to say; she’s sitting in the back seat.

The Globetrotters run onto Phil’s mat, as the host asks the local if he’s ever seen a kangaroo that size, pointing at Big Easy. They’re team number two and bump kangaroo chests. Mallory tries working with Christina, saying they just have to beat one team, meaning Amanda and Kris. Ron wants everyone to stop and figure out where they’re going, but everyone else wants to take off. Christina wants to follow the others, and he tells her following everyone else is not what they do.

The other teams are arriving at the pit stop. It’s hard for them to run in these suits. Unbelievably, the Cowboys stage quite a comeback to be named team number three, and Kisha and Jen are team number four.

Amanda, still with the clay drool, and Kris, are asking for help with their periodic table. A local tells them they’re looking for Mercury, and they head in that direction. The other two teams are looking for Mercury as well. They instead find Galena and Quarry. They decide they were going the wrong way. Kris is spurring Amanda on, telling her they’re in last place and need to hurry up.

The two father/daughter teams reach the clue corner and pick up the clue. Just as they’re leaving, Amanda and Kris arrive as well. Mallory tells her dad to book it, and Christina tells her dad Mallory and Gary are nice, but they don’t know where they’re going. Since they filmed their seasons back-to-back, Ron and Christina might not know that what eliminated Gary and Mallory in their season was getting lost. Ron thinks they’ll get lost again following the others and finds them very impulsive. While this is being said, Mallory looks to be having a coronary in the back seat. Ron wants to cut the cord, and they do.

Margie and Luke are team number five; Mel and Mike team number six. Mike explains he feels his dad is a trooper. He thinks for him to come out here at 70 and muscle it out, it makes him his hero. Amanda and Kris stop to ask for directions, as Ron tells Christina he thinks they might be on the wrong road. The Goth couple bounce onto the map to be team number seven, and the Cheerleaders number eight, with Phil saying they’re the best-looking kangaroos to roll into town. He self-corrects to “hop” into town.

Gary and Mallory jump onto the mat, and Mallory is acting very strangely. They’re team number nine. Christna asks for directions to the mine, an Amanda and Kris are eying it. Both teams arrive around the same time, but it’s Ron and Christina who jump onto the mat. Ron commits a faux pas, calling the host “Bill.” I think he should call him Don for the rest of the Race now. Christina explains they still have stuff to figure out between the two of them. He knows it’s still hard for him to not be omineering. She knows they’re two different people that love eachother.

Amanda and Kris land on the mat and are declared the last team to arrive. They’re Phil-iminated. Kris says he’s bummed, as he really wanted this shot. He knows it’s different form last time, as this time it’s their fault. He still fells they won the lottery twice, even though they didn’t win any money, just because of the experience. He’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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