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The Amazing Race, Feb. 27 – A Huge Bummer

Margie and Luke get passed as well. Mel and Mike finish their mosaic, do their dance and also get passed on. The Goth Couple’s dance still isn’t being approved, despite the others just doing their own goofy dances on the mosaic, and Kent and Vyxsin trying to do what they saw the tribes doing. It appears the problem is that they’re not doing it “on” the mosaic, but “around” the mosaic. They finally do it “on” the mosaic and get the next clue. Kisha and Jen are approved as well.

Ron tells Christina she’s the director, so she just needs to tell him what she still needs to finish the mosaic, which is lighter colored rocks. The Cheerleaders are approved next, as Christina tells her dad to talk to her in Chinese so that the others won’t understand.

Zev and Justin stop and ask a local what the Home of the Magpies is and find out it’s the Central Football Club. Gary and Mallory do their dance, as Cord watches them trying to learn. The Globetrotters do their dance as well. The Cowboys are passed first, followed by Gary and Mallory and the Globetrotters. Ron and Christina’s mosaic is rejected, while Amanda and Kris get approved, but have to head to the the Natural World. Ron realizes he really messed it up.

Amanda and Kris watch a demonstration on the pain-spitting … spit-painting? She struggles with it, as it looks more likes she’s drooling. Kris takes over to show her how and does a better job, so he just stays with it. Christina realizes they have to dance on top of the mosaic, as Ron asks if that isn’t going to ruin it. They get approved, but he’s worried about the mess he made as he dumped everything out of his jacket. Amanda and Kris get passed for Natural World at the same time, realizing that was less time-consuming than the first one.

Zev and Justin arrive at the Football Club and will have to dress like kangaroos, then figure out where to go next, without any other clue than the periodic table of elements. Going through the town, they’ll find that many streets are named similar to the elements. The two elements that are highlighted are the only two that cross each other, Mercury and Bismuth. Their next clue will be there waiting. Zev and Justin get started putting their suits on.

Margie and Luke are the next to arrive and head to the locker room. Zev thinks he just found his Halloween costume. The Goth couple also arrive. Margie falls over and drops all her stuff leaving the locker room. Mel and Mike arrive and head to the locker room. Margie asks Zev and Dustin if it’s something they can do together. The Cheerleaders arrive, as do the Cowboys, followed by the Globetrotters.

Zev/Dustin and Margie/Luke find a woman on the street with what looks like an iPhone, and have her look up the periodic table of elements to see what two are highlighted. Kisha and Jen arrive and see them dressed as kangaroos. Going into the locker room to get their costumes on, they go into the men’s by mistake.

Zev/Dustin and Margie/Luke are bouncing their way to that intersection. Their costumes have springs on the bottoms of the foot gear, so they bounce all the way there. Dustin is glad he hasn’t had to put Zev in his pouch yet. Jaime notes that it’s a far cry from the little green bunny suit she normally wears. Gary and Mallory arrive, as the Cheerleaders are teaming up with the Goth couple. Kent knows the elements that are highlighted, explaining he got a A in chemistry and is glad it finally came in handy.

Most of the others are bouncing down the street as well, as Mike decides he and his dad need this foot gear for the rest of the Race. Ron an Christina arrive and head to the locker room, followed by Amanda and Kris. It should be noted Amanda still has the clay paint drooling down her chin.

Zev/Justin and Margie/Luke are bouncing down the street, and Margie loses the covering over her foot, but doesn’t notice it. The sound effect in the background tells us that might become problematic. Luke tells her not to go back to find it, but she says they have to. Zev and Justin carry on without them and are the first ones to the next clue. They’re told to head to the Junction Mine, the pit stop, and to put on other shoes before driving away. Zev slams his tail in the door.

A big group of racing kangaroos are bouncing down the street and find Margie’s foot-covering. Mel and Mike pick it up and hand it to her as she and Luke reach them. Because they stopped to help, she tells them the answer to the clue and where they’re headed.

Zeb and Justin land on the mat and Phil delivers the bad news, “You look ridiculous.” The good news is they are team number one and win a trip for two to Cancun. Just as a reminder, and to rub the salt in a little bit, Phil also asks them if they have their passports, which they of course do. They say this time they want to actually stay in the race and plan to be here for awhile. Zev wants a nap first, though.


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