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The Amazing Race, Feb. 27 – A Huge Bummer

The Cowboys land on Phil’s mat. He’s sorry to tell them they are the last team to arrive, but the game is still going. They get the next clue, as Cord says, “Sweet!” He tells them not to waste their time sitting there talking to him.

Flight Time and Big Easy are the first team signed up for the second charter flight, and Ron/Christina, Gary/Mallory, and Amanda/Kris get signed up for it as well. Kris is dismayed to find out they’re on this flight, as they still have to worry about the U-Turn. These teams realize the only team to not check in yet are the Cowboys. Ron suggests they all head to the airport.

The Cowboys are trying to figure out the clue To Sail to Stop, and no one can help them. At the Sydney Domestic Airport, everyone mentions not seeing the Cowboys yet. Meanwhile, they’re searching the streets of Sydney in the dark trying to figure out this answer. All they have to do is get to Town Square, then get to the airport. They had a huge chance here, but they seem to have given up in their minds. Finally they hear they need to head to Town Hall. They get signed up, and are glad to find out there are other teams on that flight and that they’re still in the Race.

The next morning, the teams on the first flight are boarding. Kisha asks Mel if he’s feeling better, and he tells her he’s feeling twice as better now that he sees her. After their flight takes off, the second team boards, and we see that the Cowboys have finally caught up. They’re in the back of the pack, but they’re not alone.

The first flight lands and the teams get a clue telling them to drive themselves to the Living Desert to get their next clue. Jaime asks Margie if she wants to stop for directions. She agrees, and decides she and Luke will follow the Cheerleaders, as she thinks they’re better drivers. Mel confirms again that he’s feeling much better. He gets a little antsy driving behind Kisha, though, saying a kangaroo could run faster. They’re already headed into The Living Dessert while Margie, Luke and the Cheerleaders stop for directions. The Goth couple is caravaning with them as well.

The second flight arrives, and Mallory claims to know exactly where they’re going. Amanda mentions for the umpteenth time that she and Kris are worried about the upcoming U-Turn. Zev/Justin, Kisha/Jen, and Mel/Mike are the first teams to arrive at the cluebox.

The three teams find a Detour – Spirit World or Natural World. In Spirit World, teams will use traditional materials to create an Aboriginal ground mosaic, and when completed, they need to do a dance on top of it to raise the spirits. In Natural World, teams will create Aboriginal territory markers using a natural paint made from water and a clay-like material. The teams will put the paint in their mouths, then spit on a stencil to create four images.

Zev and Dustin decide to do Spirit World, as Dustin explains Zev is very artistic. Zev adds in, “And autistic,” Dustin continues, saying that Zev makes art projects at home. He doesn’t think he’s good at dancing though. Kisha and Jen are deciding to do the same task, as are Mel and Mike. Jaime and Cara arrive and decide to do the same task, as do Margie and Luke and the Goth Couple.

Gary/Mallory and Amanda/Kris have caught up quickly, and are already at the cluebox. Father/daughter are going to do Spirit World. Amanda and Kris have to do both, but will start with that one. Jet and Cord arrive and decide to do the same one, since everyone else is. The Globetrotters arrive next, deciding they like to dance, and Ron and Christina decide to do it as well.

Mike notes it’s frustrating to to do the mosaic with ten other teams also doing it. Mallory’s trying to copy what all the other teams are doing. A kangaroo sits in the woods watching everything. Kisha and Jen ask if they’re done, but the judge tells them no. Kent and Vyxsin get a pass and have to do the dance. They need children to do the dance with them, and Kent tells her multiple times, “Go get the children.”

Zev and Justin get passed for their mosaic, as do Margie and Luke. The Goth Couple dances with the children, but the danced isn’t approved. Margie/Luke and Zev/Justin dance alone on their mosaic, with the latter being the first team to get their danced passed. They get a clue to drive themselves back to Broken Hill and search for the “home of the Magpies” (Central Football Club) for the next clue.


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