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The Amazing Race, Feb. 27 – A Huge Bummer

The season premiere of The Amazing Race looked like the season was already shaping up to be a good one. Who would have expected the first leg to end without a mandatory twelve-hour rest period? It looks like the Cowboys might still have a chance, that is if they can ever figure out the answer to their puzzle and get out of the Roadblock.

We pick up tonight’s show as Jet and Cord are still trying to figure out the clue. The other teams are all racing back to Sydney to figure out “To Sail to Stop” is leading them to a huge anchor by the Town Hall. The first six teams to make it there will be assigned to a charter flight to Broken Hill. Mallory asks the cabdriver transporting her and her dad if he knows where to sign up for charter flights. He doesn’t, which is a good thing, as Phil Keoghan usually doesn’t make it that obvious.

Amanda and Kris hail a cab and talk about being U-Turned the last time around. He thinks it sucks that they “screwed” themselves this time around to get yet another U-Turn. Justin thinks the other teams underestimate him and Zev, because of Zev’s Asperger’s. No, it’s not because of that; it’s because you lost your passports when you most needed them. Yet, he thinks being underestimated could work to their advantage. The Cowboys continue to work on this clue that’s completely befuddling them.

The Globetrotters discuss the things they have in common, such as basketball, two kids, Louisiana, and a love of crawfish. But they’re also different when it comes tattoos, piercings, size, and ugly vs. good-looking. That’s their thoughts, by the way, not mine. I think they’re both kind of cute. Cara feels she and Jaime are lucky to be racing again with Margie and Luke, because they know they can all trust each other. Margie hopes they can keep working with them as well, as Luke signs that Jaime and Cara are his “Race girlfriends.”

Ron and Christina are discussing taking a ferry, as she explains how she thinks it’s more difficult to be a parent and child on the Race. She mentions that everyone watched their struggles with it before, meaning the way they pushed each other’s buttons. He’s worried that if he is sleep-drived again he’ll revert to those old habits of communication. They’re still arguing about something, possibly the ferry. Has he not slept?

Jet is still trying to figure out the clue and thinks he has it this time. He finally hands the Commander the correct clue. They “haul butt” to the sailboat to get the next clue. Mallory is arguing with Gary while they continue to look for the next clue, and Amanda and Kris do the same, as she decides to humor him and his request to not just sit and drive around looking for the next clue.

Kisha and Jen get out of the cab where their driver says to, but it’s the wrong place. It’s the Maritime Museum. The attendant there sends them elsewhere to find help, and they talk the next person they encounter into letting Jen use the computer to search for their clue. Justin explains he and Zev caught up to Kisha and Jen and started “googling,” which Zev explains “sounds very dirty.” The four read something about an anchor at Town Hall, and decide to walk there and try it out.

Mel and Mike are walking, and Mel tells his son he doesn’t think he’s going to make it. Mike thinks the Race seems more difficult this time. They stop at a street corner, as Mel complains about his legs. Mike feels it’s a rude awakening about the toughness of the Race this time around. They get on a ferry with some of the other teams, and Mel is in obvious pain as Mike cries. He tells his dad he doesn’t want to kill him for “some joyride.” Mel says he’ll be responsible for his decision, but they don’t say what decision he’s making.

The Cowboys are now sailing to get the clue, and noting it’s not their thing, calling themselves shark bait when they fall into the water. Margie and Luke find someone with a laptop on the ferry and use Google to look for the answer for the clue. Is Google a sponsor of this episode? They find out that it’s some type of sculpture at Town Hall and share the information with Jaime and Cara.

The first two teams to the anchor are Zev/Justin and Kisha/Jen. They get the first two spots on the first charter flight. Margie and Luke get off the ferry, and Margie hugs and kisses Mike, telling him to take good care of his dad. They make it seem like Mel and Mike did decide to quit, yet they’re still out there racing with the others.

The Cowboys get their clue off the giant buoy, as Jaime/Cara and Margie/Luke get to the anchor and put their names down for the first charter flight. Gary/Mallory and Amanda/Kris run into each other, and both teams are still confused about what they’re looking for. Neither team has gotten on the ferry. They talk to someone who tells them they need to go to Town Hall. Mel and Mike are the fifth team signed up for the first charter flight, and Kent and Vyxsin are the sixth and last team.


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