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American Idol 10, Feb. 24. – The Final 24 Is Set!

Pia Toscano, 22, a makeup artist from Howard Beach, NY, calls it tough to watch some of these people go home. She blew the judges away in Hollywood and Las Vegas, then sang Doesn’t Mean Anything and blew them away again. She’s crying just walking up to the stage. J-Lo vows to keep it short an sweet. Pia made it. She cries more and thanks them.

James Durbin, 21, unemployed from Santa Cruz, CA, has never once failed to impress, except for the group round. For his final audition, he had to prove he had some control for all that power, and sang A Change Is Gonna Come, as J-Lo and Randy bopped along with him. He’s been thinking about his baby and fiancée this whole time. Steven tells him he’s something else and a real lightening bolt, but he let Steven down when he sang I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, as he did it better than Steven. He’s in the 24. Was there ever any question?

Casey Abrams, 19, a film camp worker from Idyllwild, CA, is just happy to hug the judges after the judgement, good or bad. For his final performance he picked up the bass again and said he’s here to prove people like him can be sexy. He sang Why Don’t You Do Right, and I think he proved it. He sits down with the judges and says he likes looking at them. Randy tells him he doesn’t think in all these seasons they’ve had a musician as talented as him. When he hears him sing, its like three people in one. “So Dude, welcome to the top 24!” Casey is so excited, he kicks the chair over, then pinches himself to be sure it’s real.

The final girl’s spot is going to go to either Thia Magia, 15, from Mountain House, CA, or Jessica Cunningham. Thia struggled through the Beatles round, but did well with You Raise Me Up for her final audition. Jessica has been here before, but is hoping this time she makes it. It’s her 25th birthday as well. It’s the young girl against the mature rocker. Even though Jessica admits this is her seventh time, she’ll have to hope for an eighth, as it’s Thia moving on with Jessica getting cut on her birthday. She flips the the camera the double bird before she leaves. Hmm. Maybe there won’t be an eighth.

For the last guy’s spot, it’s three guys, Brett Loewenstern, 16, of Boca Raton, FL, Jacee Badeaux, 15, of Lafayette, LA, and Colton Dixon, 19, of Murfreesboro, TN. Brett thinks there are two spots left and is upset to find out it’s just one, arguing with Ryan the whole time.

Brett and Jacee ended up in the same group together. Jacee sang Gone Too Soon for his final audition, and Brett sang one of his own creations. Colton sang What About Now at the keyboard on solo day, and for his final audition sang Decode, again with the piano. Randy calls this one of the toughest he’s ever done. Steven mentions the stories behind Jacee and Brett, and calls Colton just crazy glue. The one moving on is Brett. Randy begs Jacee and Colton to come back.

I find J-Lo to be much different than reports. It’s not even just the emotional display over Chris Medina getting cut. It’s more than that. She’s much warner than anyone would have given her credit for. I still have doubts just over her longevity in this process, but I think she’ll bring a lot to the table both in experience, as well as some much needed emotion and warmth. Not that Steven is devoid here with that, as I’m finding him to be just as just as warm, but he seems to be getting more credit for it.

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