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American Idol 10, Feb. 24. – The Final 24 Is Set!

Jovany Barreto, 23, a ship builder from Harvey, LA, the guy who took his shirt off in his audition for J-Lo, is up next. For his final audition he sang . J-Lo tells him it was an agonizing decision, and points out there is only twenty-four spots, meaning some people who don’t deserve to go home are. But it doesn’t matter for him, as he’s part of the top 24.

If Lauren Turner, 19, a maid from Covington, LA, makes it on the show, it would mean she doesn’t have to clean houses anymore. For her final audition, she sang Steal Away. Facing the final judgement, and Randy tells her they were blown away by her big voice in New Orleans, but Hollywood was filled with ups and downs for her. Regardless, she made it.

Tiwan Strong, 29, a daycare teacher from Chicago, IL, and Erin Kelly both get their Idol pink slips from the judges. Erin says afterwards it’s back to reality, as this was nothing but a dream.

Rachel Zevita, 22, a singer from NYC, had been in Hollywood before, but she never made it this far before. Her mom and grandma came from New York to spend some time with her. She doesn’t want to appear as a failure to her grandmother. She sang I’ll Never Love Again for her final audition and hit some amazing high notes. Randy admires her feathered shoes. He talks about being impressed with her in the beginning, but notes it got questionable. J-Lo mentions being a fan of hers since she auditioned in an earlier season and feels it’s a matter of grabbing people so they know who you are. But, after all this time for her, Rachel is in.

Kendra Chantelle, 22, an office manager from Loudon, TN, sang Fallin’ for her final audition, the same song she sang in her original audition. She feels she got progressively better with each performance. Steven tells her they’re concerned because everyone has to be beyond good and the whole package. Randy talks about the accomplishment of just making it this far. She wants to do more, saying there are things they haven’t seen her do yet. She’ll get a chance to show them, as she makes it through.

Jordan Dorsey, 21, a musician from LaPlace, LA, was thinking a little too much of himself, auditioning others for the group round. In his final audition, he sang So High. Tonight, J-Lo tells him he was a standout for her since the beginning, and he needs to know she fought for him the whole way through. Randy mentions Jordan auditioning the others for the group round, and Jordan tries to pass it off as the others wanting to audition for him. The judges are looking past his bravado and make him the sixteenth person to move on.

Lauren Alaina, 15, of Rossville, GA, shows off her boots to Ryan, who calls them “Barbie cowgirl.” She’s freaking out, because people she thought for sure would make it are being sent home. Nerves and pressure got to her in Las Vegas. For her final audition, she sang Unchained Melody. She talks with the judges about her outfit that was made special for her. Steven tells her they fell in love with her the first time they heard her, but it’s been a crazy journey. He isn’t sure how she’ll be able to handle it because of her age … because she’s going through. She calls them mean to have teased her.

Stefano Langone, 21, of Kent, WA, got through Hollywood easily, then sang a song of his own for his final audition. He feels he’s here for a reason as he walks up to the judges. J-Lo talks about his good moments, but explains everyone had those. She mentions how hard it was to choose, but somebody has to go home, and they hate it. Yet they’d love to have him in the top 24. He says he hasn’t slept for four days. As he walks away, J-Lo says “that’s a talented kid there.”

Jackie Wilson was an early favorite after her audition, and sang Because of You for her final audition, screwing up the lyrics and not sounding very deserving of singing this Kelly Clarkson tune. J-Lo tells her tonight they had to make some tough decisions, and there were times they felt she could blow the roof off, but she didn’t do it. She didn’t make it this time. She asks why and is told it’s because of inconsistencies. Randy thought it was about confidence. She asks if there’s a way to change their minds, and of course there’s not.

The big voice and big personality of Jacob Lusk, 23, a spa concierge from Compton, CA, have brought him through. He got a standing ovation in his solo performance, and in his final audition, he sang A Song for You. Randy talks to him about the tough journey for everyone, yet tells him he thinks his performance of God Bless the Children is the single best performance ever on Idol. For that alone, they’re happy he’s in the top 24. He sings, jumps, screams, and runs his way out. Jacob runs into Ryan, picks him up, and spins him around.


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