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American Idol 10, Feb. 24. – The Final 24 Is Set!

While I’m sure once Thursday night’s episode starts, we’ll find out Jennifer Lopez is going to just shake off those bad feelings she had after she eliminated Chris Medina, It worries me for the future of the show with this current judging panel. She might have a really hard time with these eliminations and giving some real critiques after bonding too much with these kids. It’s the same thing Ellen DeGeneres found.

We open the show waiting to find out the remaining nineteen in the top 24. Randy Jackson asks for a five minute break to help J-Lo out. She composes herself and moves on, like a true professional.

Karen Rodriguez, 21, from NYC, is the first of the bunch tonight to face her final judgement. For her final audition, she sang a Serena song that J-Lo seemed to know well. Tonight she sits across from the judges, and J-Lo tells her she’s been a fan of hers since the beginning. She thinks Karen disappeared a little bit in the competition, then picked it up again. She had J-Lo at If You Had My Love, and has made the top 24. She tells the judges to “just wait.” She’s motivated now to work harder.

Robbie Rosen, 16, of Merrick, NY, is next up. He sang Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word for his final audition. We’re treated to a really long clip of it, instead of the short bits we were seeing last night of these songs. Steven tells Robbie he was so good right out of the box. He of course makes it to the top 24. I don’t think there was ever a question. Randy loves that he’s so unassuming, not knowing “he’s a genius.”

Tatynisa Wilson, 20, a waitress from Aurora, IL, really struggled with her lyrics in her solo performance after group round, but for her final audition, she sang Unbreak My Heart and brought it. Randy asks her if this is something she really, really wants. She says it’s not want, but need. It gives her adrenaline to be onstage. She needs it. The judges tell her Hollywood took a nosedive for her, and she probably disappointed herself. J-Lo explains it’s about not having a bad day. Steven tells her they still saw what she just cried about, so she’s in the top 24. She thanks them for believing in her.

Brittany Mazur, 21, a dance studio manager from Tucson, AZ, and Jimmie Allen, 25, a waiter from Franklin, TN, both hear noes. He says it hurts, but you have to keep on going. She’s thinking of it as a learning experience.

Tim Halperin, 23, in advertising sales in Fort Worth, hasn’t bene seen a lot through this process, despite charming J-Lo at his audition. For his final audition, he took J-Lo’s words to heart that it was time for them to show who they are as artists and sang an original tune. He wonders tonight if that risk is going to pay off. Asked about his up-and-down performances, Tim explains his initial audition wasn’t the strongest, but Randy had told him to find the artist he wanted to be, so he tried to choose those types of songs. J-Lo has always been a fan, since the beginning, and feels he got stronger. It’s up to Steven, who tells him he’s in the top 24.

Julie Zorrilla, 20, of L.A., sang Something with Tim Halperin in the Beatles round. For her final audition she sang and played the piano. She looks very confident tonight. J-Lo tells her they’re fans of everyone and want to feel something when the singers are up there. For some of Julie’s performances there seemed to be a lack of feeling or emotion. J-Lo does a good job faking her out, but Julie’s in. Celebrating with Ryan Seacrest, she tried to pick him up and spin him around, but fell.

Ryan shares some couch time with Scotty McCreery, 16, from Garner, NC, and John Wayne Schultz, 23, a cowboy from Karnes City, TX. Ryan wonders if they think there’s spots for both of them as country singers.

Scotty screwed up the lyrics to I Hope You Dance, then sang Long Black Train for his final audition. It’s a type of country that you just don’t hear anymore. He tells J-Lo his grandma told him to tell her that he is a quarter Puerto Rican. In regards to what happened with Jacee Badeaux, Scotty says that was a case of him not being the man he should have been to Jacee. Still, the judges are big fans. He makes it through to the top 24.

There’s not room for two cowboys, though, so this leaves John Wayne Schulz out. He says when you get to this point, you want it more than anything and can just see it. Yet, he knows it’s all been a blessing.


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