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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 11 – Breaking the Chef Code

Judges Table – Blais, Antonia and Mike get called in for the win and follow Padma’s ample cleavage into the Judging Room. Blais went with the “other side of the Gulf” and John likes the restraint he showed. Mike’s shrimp with the grits coating gets some love from Padma. John liked how the little bit of sausage really made the dish special. Blais gets the win and the redemption that Carla was seeking.

The other three file in and Tiffany admits that she wanted the shrimp, not Marcel. He cooked the shrimp, which was undercooked and a bit mealy as per John. Tiffany owns up that even though Marcel overcooked the shrimp and messed up the glaze, he cannot be eliminated again, it is her dish. Paula says that she loves to suck the heads off of shrimp, okay, but the sweetness was just too much for her. She also admits that the sweetness threw her off when she bit into it.

Dale’s potatoes were raw, and Tom suggests that perhaps he should have made the judges wait until it was cooked properly. Dale would have gotten killed for doing that, but probably a lot less than serving raw potatoes. John thinks it was too much going on and was “flavor warfare” and the flavor of the fish was gone. Paula says she likes her potatoes to be done. Tom thins the mustard overpowered everything and that all you can taste was mustard and sausage, like a hot dog.
Tom asked Carla why she doused the fish in so much hot sauce. Padma didn’t think any of it made sense. Tom says that given some beautiful fish, she essentially made chicken wings.

Dale is sent home and AGAIN Mike acts stunned that someone other than Tiffany was sent packing. Come on, just try to be cool for once, Mike. Dale goes home and gives one of his most touching moments. He cries and admits that the first time around he didn’t really like himself and took it out on others. After therapy he got himself together and now he leaves another season a better chef and a better man. I must say, in all honesty, goodbye Gail, I really will miss you. Great job.

Quickfire Hits
• Man, Angelo claimed another chef. He’s the real Black Hammer.
• Paula – “If you can eat it, you can fry it.” And that just defined why we have an obesity problem in America.
• Dale on how Tiffany can keep Marcel in line – “She’s a 5’10” black woman from the South with some serious *snap.” HA!
• Boy, that was one messy kitchen.
• Fabio hasn’t cooked this much in seven years. I wonder what happened seven years ago!
• Carla knew she was in trouble because she cooked with pride, and not her heart. No love, only sin this time.
• Antonia had to ask Mike not to burp, fart or flick a booger at her? And he was unable to oblige? Is he 11?
• Extra scene – Spike is a really good sous chef, but a bad spy. Maybe he needs to talk to Survivor’s Philip for spy lessons.

Next week – Padma in the House! Ellis Island and the family visit.

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