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American Idol 10, Feb. 23 – Emotions Tough for Judges Too

Clint sang Hello for his fnal performance. He has a good feeling something great is going to happen. He admits he hasn’t cried the whole season but seeing Lakeisha sent home broke him. Randy mentions the Jacee fracas, and Clint explians it wasn’t personal, and they all think he’s great, but he does feel Jacee shined more in the other group. Clint will be seeing the judges a lot more. He’s part of the top 24. He jumps up, falls on floor, and hugs them.

Haley is hoping for the best, but had similar hopes last season in Chicago. Her redemption continued as she sang Baby It’s You for her final audition. It wasn’t what she wanted when she tried out before, but it didn’t stop her. Randy asks if she has grown, which she does, and he agrees, noting she has more experience She thinks taking another year to do this helped define who she is as a singer. She makes the top 24 and hugs them all. She’s calm, until out in the group with the others.

Deandre Brackensick, 16, of San Jose, CA, stood out among his young group in the group round, but the judges didn’t think too much of his solo that he performed with a ukulele. The judges think he didn’t try enough, and urge him to continue. J-Lo thinks he has a great chance of being a recording artist right now. She doesn’t want him to stop or get discouraged, and wants it to motivate him like it did her to hear no. He knows he’ll miss eeryone here and promises next year to bring it.

Paul sang Landslide for his final audition, and knows he got this far doing his thing. He sang an original song while wearing a suit with red flowers on it Steven asks Paul what he’s doing in his closet. J-Lo remembers his audition clearly, as there was something so unique, The judges know the questions that revolve around Paul are if he’s right for American Idol. Randy claims it’s always unique talent. J-Lo tells Paul they are banking on that talent by putting him through to the top 24.

Ashton Jones sang I Wanna Dance With Somebody for her final audition. She’s excited to make it this far, and excited to see the judges again. J-lo has had her eye on her since the beginning and thinks Ashton has been one of the most consistent. From the beginning the judges were saying they wanted to find the whole package, and feel they found that in her. Ashton fakes out her family. Then they all collapse on the floor together.

Chris Medina, 26, a barista and caretaker, from Oak Forest, IL, For his final audition, he sang Fix You for his fiancée. There’s something so raw and emotional about it. He tells the judges that after the show started airing, his fiancée is more popular than he is. They tell him he is someone who has conviction. He does it with love in his heart and stands up like a man. Yet, it has to be about the talent. J-Lo tells him as much as they love him, he did not make it into the top 24. This is shocking!

Chris asks to shake the judges’ hands, and Steven gives him a kiss, telling him to give his fiancée a kiss for him. J-Lo starts to break down, and says it was hard for her to tell him that. Ryan Seacrest consoles him outside, and Randy and Steven console J-Lo. They tell her she did it in the best way possible and were honest with him. Casey hugs Chris and tells him to keep writing music and take care of of his fiancée.

While the other judges console J-Lo, she says she doesn’t want to do this anymore. It seems she’s finding out what Ellen DeGeneres did last year. I expect her to come back from it, though, to finish off the top 24 announcement.

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