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American Idol 10, Feb. 23 – Emotions Tough for Judges Too

Ashley Sullivan, 25, of Springfield, MA, is finding something to wear, and is not freaking out for a change, but it’s because she’s focused on something else. She’s looking for someting to wear to her wedding in a chapel here. She tells her boyfriend she’ll kill him in his sleep if he doesn’t go through with it. Dave the Camera Guy is the witness. They are the Idol newlyweds, but she has to now sing onstage, and we know what that does to her emotionally.

Thia and Melinda take the stage singing Here Comes the Sun, as Peggi says “Good Lord” in the audience and seems to try to hide her face. Randy calls it interesting, telling Melidna it started shaky, but Thia found a way to keep the phrasing in her unique voice. It wasn’t as strong as J-Lo thought it was going to be. Steven found Melinda behind in her phrasing and Thia just alright. Melinda hopes they find someting in her anyway.

Ashley Suraiva and Sophia Shorai, 28, a vocalist from Minneapolis, MN, talk to Ryan before getting out onstage, and Ashley discusses her newly wedded bliss. Her chapel ended up being the same one where Britney Spears was married. Ashley and Sophia are singing We Can Work It Out. It was a little rough, as Steven tells them it wasn’t their strongest performances. Randy agrees it wasn’t hot. J-Lo just apologizes. Ashley thinks maybe they should have stayed simpler with the song.

It’s time for Denise, Lauren, and Scotty. They’re now singing Hello Goddbye, and it’s different. I can’t say I like it, but I think it’s just a weird grouping. They fit in some funny choreography. J-Lo tells them it sounded good, but was an odd song choice for a threesome. What’s with Jimmy Iovine and his bad advice? Is he really going to be an asset this year? Denise wasn’t as strong as she always is, and Scotty was in a different octave. Steven didn’t feel the song fit them and found it to be like a Marx Brothers putting-out-the-fire thing.

Carson Higgins and Caleb Hawley sing together, while dancing on a bed. Steven calls them freaks. Jimmy complains about song choices, but has them leave this in? Casey says it will kill him to be cut, as he’s put his heart and soul into this.

Aaron Sanders, Robbie Rosen, 16, of Merrick, NY, and Jordan Dorsey, 21, a musician from LaPlace, LA, sing Got to Get You Into My Life. repeating their success from the group round. They have some great harmonies together. It’s another group that sounds ready to record. Randy is impressed, but says Jordan wasn’t as great as he’s been. J-Lo is surprised again by Aaron, and tells Jodan they have high expectations of him. Steven adds that Robbie nailed it again.

The performances are done, and it’s time to pare this group of sixty-one to twenty-four. Thia, Scotty, Jordan, Ashton, Robbie, and Lauren are called to the front. They’ll get the chance to since one more time to impress the judges. Lauren cries, saying she wants to find her mom. Molly DeWolf Swensen, the White House intern, and Carson go home, as does Caleb Hawley. It was totally unexpected, but Caleb knows he is in some pretty good company. Denise, Melinda, and Ashley are sent home as well.

The contestants headed back to L.A. to take the stage again to fight for a spot in the top twenty-four. Those performances now cmplete, they are now here to hear their final judgement.

The first one up is Naima. She’s weairng a long flowing sparkly green dress. She hasn’t been here for a minute and not thought about her kids. She sang Put Your Records On for her final audition. J-lo admires her dress, and Steven thinks she gets prettier every time they see her. She’s already crying, and Steven thinks this is why they fell in love with her. While she hasn’t been the most consistent, Steven says her story is beautiful. She make the top 24, hugs them all, and tells J-Lo she used to watch her on In Living Color, and wanted to be a Fly Girl.

Jennifer kept supporting Hollie Cavanaugh, 17, of McKinney, TX, all the way through. She sang No One for her final audition. It feels like it’s been forever, and she’s just ready to move on. Steven tells her when they first heard her sing, her melody was all over the place, and J-Lo talks about how far she came. She was a standout in Hollywood and started showing people she belonged. Unfortunately they’re not putting her through. J-Lo tells her she was outvoted and wanted to put her through. Randy had said she’s 17, and in a year or two she can come back and win. Right now, Hollie just needs to grow and figure out who she is as an artist.

Lakeisha doesn’t make it through. Alex Ryan doesn’t either. He says the toughest part is knowing he’ll have to watch his new friends move on through the competition. She says it hurts, as it’s her dream, but she can get there one way or another. Clint Jun Gamboa, 26, of Long Beach, CA, cries for her, saying she’s like family.


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