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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Ep 1 – Keep Racing!

In this case, Garlory earned the Express Pass but are still going after hitting the mat first. Meanwhile, the Cowboys had a terrible leg. It was as if someone replaced our beloved Cowboys with idiot evil twins. We leave them with Jet still trying to figure out the hidden message as all other teams have already gotten their Mat clue and moved on. Chances are they have a bunching coming at some point in the next episode, but who knows. I think Amanda/Kris and their U-Turn are in worse shape than the Cowboys despite being nine slots ahead of them at the moment.

So that’s the Race details, but the other part was that we got to check in with several teams that most of us kind of dig. I still wish the Race had spread things out and brought back some old school teams, but they didn’t. But we got some great moments – Zev/Justin wearing Globetrotter T-shirts, Cord putting his hat in the overhead compartment, countless teams doing big “wooooos” as they hung off the side of a wind glider, and Phil having to tell Mallory to stop talking and keep racing.

I was pleased with the first episode and am looking forward to spending more time with these teams.

Route Markers
• It is rare to see alliances work in the Amazing Race, and yet here we had the Trotters getting clues from Zev/Justin. We had several teams join together to get the clue responses properly. We had Zev/Justin decide NOT to give the answers out. Margie/Luke chose to give Kent/Vixen the clue to keep the Cowboys down. Alliances and strategy in Episode One. It is a new Race.
• Wasn’t that guy with the crazy hat briefly seen when we arrived in Sydney the same guy who greeted teams back in Season 2? Nice touch, show.
• Palm Springs is the second windiest city on Earth, what’s the first? According to the Google…Wellington, New Zealand. Phil would know that one, of course.
• Kent/Vixen – “The Pink & Black attack is back!!” And Vixen’s very cute “Rowr” to go with it. I have always wanted to like these guys, but I can’t get past the façade.
• I think Jamie got better looking since AR14. I am really hopeful she’s going to be nicer, because she will probably be tops on the Hottest Racers Ever list. Although I must admit it was pretty darn funny that Team Ginger capsized. It’s kind of funny when things happen to them.
• Mallory to Kisha/Jen – “You’ve been to Kentucky before; you know we don’t lie there.” I too have been to Kentucky, and well, Mallory, I hate to break it to you…
• Hysterical sight gag – giant sting ray swimming over the non-Roadblock Racers. Talk about ominous.
• Why did the Cowboys continually say “gracias” to everyone in Australia?
• Jet – “I’m from Oklahoma, I don’t do water, I don’t even take baths.” Yikes!
• Are you proud of me for not making any “Manly” jokes? I’m actually surprised at my own restraint.

Roadblock – go into a tank with sharks and rays, find a compass, decode a message written in nautical flags. Kisha, Mallory, Amanda, Margie, Justin, Cara, Vixen, Flight Time, Christina, Mel and Jet.

”Order of Finish” – Garlory, Amanda/Kris, Kisha/Jen, Zev/Justin, Trotters, Cheerleaders, Margie/Luke, Ron/Christina, Mel/Mike, Goths, and the Cowboys, who have not gotten to the Mat yet.

Next week – Ron regresses and Mel gets hurt.

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