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The Amazing Race, Feb 20 – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Kent/Vyxsin and the Cowboys are still trying to figure out the message. Ron/Christna and Mel/Mike run into Margie/Luke and Jaime/Cara. They decide to all head to the Commodore and say the message together. Vyxsin only has the first six or seven words, but decides to just find the Commodore and give what she has. Ron and Christina give the message to the Commodore and get the next clue. Mel and Mike, Jaime and Cara, and Margie and Luke all do the same.

The Cowboys try giving their own partial clue to the Commodore, but he asks for the other part of it. They head back. Kent and Vyxsin ask Margie and Luke for help, and she obliges, then says it just feels good to have a team they feel they can beat still in the Race. In other words, she’s afraid of the Cowboys.

Jaime and Cara capsize their skiff and are “dangling like shark bait.” They get the clue with no problem, however. as do the other teams on their skiffs. Kent and Vyxsin get the clue with the correct message, courtesy of Margie. The other teams are all looking for Phil, and the Cowboys are trying to figure out what they’re missing.

Zev and Justin are named team number four, and are off on the next leg. Flight Time and Big Easy are team number five, Jaime and Cara number six, Margie and Luke number seven, Ron and Christina number eight, and Mel and Mike number nine. Kent and Vyxsin are out on the skiff and get their clue. Jet is figuring out the clue finally, as Kent and Vysxin are looking for Shelly Beach. The Cowboys still have the message wrong.

Kent and Vyxsin reach Phil’s mat and are told they’re team number ten, but Phil has bad news. She asks first thing what they did wrong, and he tells them they’re still racing. She’s fine with that. Cord is ready to cut down all the flags and take them with him to make sure they get it right next time.

What? It’s the end of the episode. How dare they do that to us! That has to mean the Cowboys aren’t going to be eliminated and will just move on to the next leg. Again, this is usually where they excel, when they’re behind. They need to just get this message figured out and make up some lost time. Amanda and Kris having to do both sides of the next Detour will definitely help the Cowboys out. The previews, however, show Mel suffering physically. How will that impact the next leg?

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