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The Amazing Race, Feb 20 – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Mallory is asking Jesus to help her figure out these flags. Amanda runs up to start figuring this out as well. The other teams are arriving, with Margie deciding to do the Roadblock, as well as Flight Time, Justin, Cara. and Vyxsin. Kisha finds a compass, prompting Jen to say she’s proud of her. Justin knows this is not for the faint of heart, as you have to focus on your breathing, or you can panic pretty quickly. Jaime claims she doesn’t particularly care for water or sharks, Kent is referring to Vyxin as “Little Mermaid.”

The next two teams arrive at the Roadblock, with Christina and Mel deciding to do the swimming. Mallory gets the clue figured out finally, and she and her dad are on their way. Kisha works on the same, as her sister calls her good at puzzles. Justin find a compass, as do Margie, Flight Time, and Cara, with Jen saying her friend has really good eyesight.

The Cowboys show up with Jet saying he’ll do it. Kent gives detailed instructions of the right way Vyxsin should be swimming in the tank, making me question why he’s just not doing it. Ron says you can’t put him in there with those monsters, and I think he means the sharks and stingrays, not his fellow racers. Mike doesn’t know if his heart can take this. Jet says he’s from Oklahoma. “I don’t do water; I don’t even take baths.”

Mallory reaches the Commodore and tells him she’s between the Devil and the deep blue sea. She and Gary get a clue telling them to sail on a 16 ft. skiff to locate a buoy with their next clue. She’s worried on the skiff that it will tip over, as they’re going so fast. Justin starts deciphering the flags, as does Margie. Flight Time can’t find the flags. “Just like old times,” Margie/Luke are teaming up with Jaime/Cara. Margie and Cara are trying to figure out the coded message together.

Kisha gets her message figured out and heads to the Commodore. She and Jen get the next clue. Amanda and Kris do as well. Gary grabs the clue off the buoy as the skiff skims past it, as does Kris, pronouncing it “frickin’ awesome.” Christina finds a compass, as do Mel, Jet, and Vyxsin.

Gary and Mallory get to the shore with their clue and find they need to head to the pit stop, Shelly Beach. Amanda/Kris and Kisha/Jen arrive just after them. Let’s hope no one has to pee. Back in the tank, Vyxsin has the compass, but cannot figure out how to get out of the tank. She’s struggling with her breathing, not being able to relax, and feels like “I’m being buried alive or something.” She gets her mind somewhere else. Kent’s father suddenly passed away this past spring, and family is so important right now.She just concentrates on doing it for Dad.

Gary and Mallory are running to the beach, as are Amanda and Kris. Phil’s on his mat waiting. It’s father and daughter who are the first to arrive. Gary and Mallory have won the Express Pass. But, this is not the beginning of a mandatory twelve-hour rest period. Phil gives them their next clue and says they’re still racing. “No rest.” He needs to tell Mallory, “It’s no time to dilly dally,” which sounds so different in his accent.

Amanda and Kris are the second team to arrive, and Phil reminds them they need to do the U-Turn on their next Detour. Kisha and Jen are the third team to arrive.

Zev and Justin arrive at the Commodore with their message and get the next clue. Margie/Luke and Jaime/Cara don’t have their clue right. They are saying, “I am the devil and the deep blue sea.” Some who raced with Margie before might agree. Flight Time didn’t finish the flags and just started following the others to not fall behind. He calls out to Zev for the clue who gives him the answer, as yet two more teams who are remembering past alliances.

Margie tries to listen to what message the Globetrotters are giving the Commodore, but they wise up and whisper. They ask Zev and Justin for help, bu they say they already helped someone out. Justin can’t believe the other teams are surprised they’re not helping them, saying they don’t know them from a hole in the wall, so it was easy to say no.

Zev goes sailing every Thursday morning at 6:00, so the skiff thing he has in the bag. The Globetrotters can’t say the same thing, as they have to balance their great size to stay afloat. Zev and Justin get their clue, as do the Globetrotters, who then figure out how to hang off the edge and stay afloat.


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