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The Amazing Race, Feb 20 – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

The teams need to find Queensland and northern territories aerial services, which is Qantas Airlines. Amanda and Kris bring one up, but are told it’s wrong, as do Ron and Kristina. She tells her dad then it must be Qantas, as they fly to Australia. So does John Travolta. Maybe he’ll be piloting one of the flights today. Mel and Mike find a Qantas, as do Zev and Justin, with the father and son team being the first to bring one to Phil. Jet and Cord, aka the Cowboys, bring one up too.

Kisha and Jen bring up the wrong thing, as do Margie and Luke. Ron and Christina realize they’re looking for Qantas, as do Kent and Vyxsin. Amanda and Kris are still trying to figure it out. Kent and Vyxsin bring a Qantas up, as do Ron and Christina, and Flgiht Time and Big Easy. Margie and Luke are next, with Jaime and Cara following. All are on the first flight.

Kisha and Jen get it correct, but are on the second flight. They decide it’s okay, as at least they aren’t saddled with the U-Turn. Amanda and Kris are taking blank stabs in the dark and figure they’ll try Air Alliance. Gary and Mallory are mystified as well. When you’re embarking on a race around the world, familiarizing yourself with major cities and airlines might be a good idea. Just saying.

Both teams realize at the same time that they’re looking for Qantas. Gary and Mallory are the first to bring it up. Amanda and Kris finally get it, but do have the U-Turn. She can’t believe they are stuck with a U-Turn once again. He knows they didn’t think that one out clearly and that it’s their own fault.

The teams on the first flight board the plane and are just glad they aren’t one of the three teams on the last flight. As the teams on the second flight board the plane, Kris knows they have to do everything humanly possible to stay as close as they can to the front of the pack, knowing they have to do the U-Turn.

A man on the first flight suffers a heart attack, and the plane is forced to make an emergency landing in Honolulu. While they’re stopped, they refuel. Zev knows their lead just “evaporated,” and Justin notes they went from racing for first to racing for last. Big Easy has the right attitude, saying the most important thing is that the man is okay.

Once the teams arrive, they will take a train to Sydney Harbor, then a ferry to Oceanworld in Manly to get their next clue. The second flight lands first, at 10:20 AM, and they have no idea the fate of the first flight. On the train, Mallory tells the others she heard on the plane that Flight 12 hasn’t landed yet. She knows they’re in the top three. Amanda is hoping they can win this leg of the Race, which will even them out so they don’t have to do the U-Turn. But if that Detour is tonight, they’re still screwed. They others wonder if Mallory is lying. They all board the ferry with no problems.

The second flight arrives at 10:47 AM. Ron and Christina miss the train, as do Mel and Mike, and the Cowboys. The first three teams reach Oceanworld, and get a Roadblock. One member of each team will need to swim in a huge tank surrounded by sharks and stingrays to find a compass, then decipher a sentence written out in nautical flags that are shown on the compass. Teams this time need to figure out they need to go to the Manly 16 ft. Skiff Sailing Club, find the Commodore, and tell him, “I am between the Devil and the deep blue sea.

If memory serves, Luke was stymied with deciphering something on their first season. Kisha and Jen remember their first season where they struggled in a swimming challenge, as Jen had a fear of the water, which she beat, but Kisha is still doing this one. Jen knows how stereotypical it is for them to not be good swimmers. Mallory is doing this Roadblock, as Gary claims she’s a decent swimmer, yet he thinks the sharks look hungry. Amanda is doing the challenge as well and feels a shark brush up against her leg.

The next group of teams are off the train and catching the ferry. Vyxsin jokes Kent will fit in well in Manly. Cara wouldn’t trade this moment for anything right now … except maybe an Express Pass. Back in the tank, Gary sees two compasses right in front of him, as does Mallory. Amanda gets one right after. The last three teams are trying to catch another ferry to Manly. The old dudes stick together as Ron calls out to Mel to get his team on the right ferry. The Cowboys miss the ferry, after already missing the train. They know this Race can change anywhere anytime. Last time, this was when the Cowboys would excel.


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