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The Amazing Race, Feb 20 – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

The nice thing about All-Star seasons of shows is that we don’t have to spend the first couple of weeks learning the names of everyone and finding out what they’re all about. Another thing common with all All-Stars is there are some people that are making a reappearance who are obvious choices, and some that are included are definite head-scratchers. “Unfinished Business” is no different.

From Palm Springs, California, we have Jet and Cord, brothers who were cut in front of by Dan and Jordan and the Shanghai airport. They don’t think you have to cheat to win the Race. Cord likes to thing he’s a pretty nice guy.

Margie and Luke, mother and son who were tripped up by the last task before winning. She explains he felt so bad for letting her down last time, and he’s promising this time to make up for it.

Amanda and Kris, recently engaged, who fell out of the Race after being U-Turned by Margie and Luke in Siberia. She’s sick of watching the show with him complaining that they shouldn’t have been U-Turned. He explains he’s pretty competitive.

Flight Time and Big Easy, Harlem Globetrotter teammates who were stumped by a puzzle in Prague and chose to take a penalty instead of working to get it figured out. Flight Time jokes it was Big Easy who got them eliminated last time around. They’re used to winning and are ready for it this time. Big Easy notes they’re also easy on the eyes. If he had to look at himself for an hour, he’d do it.

Mel and Mike, father and son who wandered off course in Thailand. Mel is 70 years old now, and warns the others to be careful, as he’s coming on strong. Mike admits he’s shaking in his boots.

Kent and Vyxsin, a dating goth couple who self-destructed in Italy. They’re looking for redemption. “The pink and black attack is back.”

Gary and Mallory, father and daughter who got lost last season. She thinks she might be more excited about this than Miss America, the beauty pageant she was once a part of.

Kisha and Jen, sisters who stopped for a potty break on their way to a very important pit stop and were eliminated. Jen vows to not make the same mistakes again, saying she will not drink a bunch of water on her way to the pit stop.

Zev and Justin, best friends who were eliminated when they were penalized for losing their passports. They promise there is no way they’ll lose their passports again.

Ron and Christina, father and daughter who got confused on their way to the finish line in Alaska, when she stumbled at the Roadblock. They still have the same goal to the be the first parent/child team to win the Race.

Jaime and Cara, ex-NFL cheerleaders who got lost on the final challenge in Hawaii. They know that viewers either loved them and their style of racing or hated them. Jaime doesn’t think she’ll be able to reign in her excitement at the starting point this time.

Phil welcomes these eleven teams back and informs them them of the Express Pass that the team arriving first to tonight’s pit stop will win. As a refresher, this allows the team a one-time only opportunity to skip a challenge they can’t or don’t want to complete. And of course the last team might be eliminated.

An interesting change this time is that their first clue is not waiting on top of their bags. It’s sitting in Phil’s hand. They have to find something in the desert, and after they bring it to him, they’ll get that clue. The first teams to do so will get the first flight, and the last teams to do this will get the second flight that lands about an hour and a half later. The last team to find it will get an automatic U-Turn that will take effect on the next Detour. “Second chances don’t come free.” They also are never easy.


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