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Top Chef: All-Stars – Ep 10 – Sunny Day, Keeping the Clouds Away…

Tiffany – Jambalaya with Chicken, Sausage and Shrimp with a summer salad Bourdain found the chicken to be soggy, and Tom found it to be ok, but as Thomas added, not very special.

Angelo – Baked Potato Soup with Bacon, Sour Cream, Potato skins, Scallions and Cheddar Cheese. All of them find it to be way too heavy and way too salty. Tom thinks that if you ate an entire bowl you might just die.

The Top Three – Blais, Dale and Antonia.
Ming thinks Blais gets credit for being the only one to make a protein two different ways. Antonia’s audacious move earned Bourdain’s praise. Tom liked Dale’s nice and crispy sandwich and the hot, delicious and smoky late night treat. Bourdain also gave high marks to the dish’s goofiness. Dale wins the challenge, the $25,000 and rent paid up for the year as a result.

The Bottom Three – Carla, Tiffany and Angelo.
Carla’s texture was not good. Tom confirms her fears that she didn’t give herself ample time to allow the soup’s flavors to develop. Bourdain wonders if she considered adding chicken. As we witnessed, she considered going back for protein, but chose not to. Ming thinks it would have made a great sauce, but as a soup it lacked. Bourdain says you could find it in some rundown shops in India.

Angelo wanted to deconstruct a baked potato soup. Instead, salt salt salt salt salt salt. Bourdain said it left a literal bad taste in his mouth. Tom thinks he is a great chef, but really just lost his focus on this challenge.

Tiffany tried to recreate one of her childhood favorites, including the spices her mother bought and used from the store. Bourdain thinks that was her doom. Tom added that it made it have an artificial flavor as a result.

Tiffany tearfully thanks the judges for the opportunity, which was overwhelming for a simple girl from Beaumont, Texas. Clearly, she thought she was done. It was a classic overtired, almost drunken “I love you man” moment. But she was not done, her DC rival was done. How many people have Tiffany outlasting Angelo at the start of the season? Mike’s disbelieve at Angelo’s elimination was another instance this season of the old Misogynist Mike from Season 6 breaking out this season.

Quickfire Hits
• Blais wonders why Fabio never asked him for help as he struggled in making a burger last challenge. Blais runs a burger joint in Atlanta. A place I hope to visit in May, I’m coming Blais! And one thing, Blais knew Fabio was making a burger and didn’t volunteer to help. Just saying.
• Blais telling Elmo that his daughter was a big fan – “Hi Riley, Elmo loves you.” My kid would implode if Elmo said that to him.
• Mike has never made a cookie? Really? I’VE made cookies. That’s just sad.
• Cookie Monster calling for the five second rule. HA!
• Dale resisting cursing out Telly after being heckled. I love how beloved children’s characters were heckling the chefs this week.
• A couple of references this week to Blais using lots of liquid nitro. I wonder if that’s an omen.
• Elmo saying Antonia’s cookies were good, but they looked like cow chips. And Antonia laughing and saying to Tiffany, “Did he say my cookies looked like sh*t?” HA!!!
• Cool hat, Tiff – Spike would be envious.
• He may be out, but the bickering of Angelo and Mike during prep was loads of fun. I am serious about this – Odd Couple reboot starring Angelo and Mike. Who’s on board?
• What’s with Angelo’s knee high socks, a la some aristocratic kid from a bad 1920s movie?
• Extra scene – the ladies playing with stuffed Target dogs. Yawn.

Next week – Paula Deen and the return of the eliminated chefs.

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