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American Idol, Feb. 16 – Forget You

Nashville Stars with Colton Dixon, 19, of Murfreesboro, TN, and Matt Dillard, 27, unemployed from Cheatham County, TN, are up. Last night they were dissatisfied and quit early, but Matt wanted to continue. They’re singing Just the Way You Are, and Matt can’t remember the lyrics. J-Lo grabs her head. Steven tells Colton he came out of the box and hit it pretty good, and tells Matt it wasn’t his best perfromance, falling off the melody and forgetting the lyrics. Colton is the only one from the group to make it through. Matt admits he didn’t sleep last night and practiced the song over and over to try and remember the lyrics.

Shannon Livewell, 17, of Debtford, NJ, sounds like a bad audition on the stage, and it makes you wonder how she got here. Briana Tyson, 17, of Brentwood, TN; Janelle Arthur, 20, a musican from Oliver Springs, TN; and Alyson Jados, 26, a bartender/waitress from Chicago, all struggle in their groups. Caitlin Koch, 21, a singer from Orchard Park, NY, sounds like she only knows one note, and it’s a bad one. Paris Tassin, 23, a medical assistant from New Orleans, LA, is back, but seems to have lost something. Jennifer is torn and calls it disappointing.

All of the above are sent home, as well as Emily Anne Reed, Aerienne Beasley, Courtney Penry, and Janelle Arthur. Aaron Guiterrez leaves, too, but brother Mark stays.

The HIts take the stage, and Randy warns them it’s been a rough day so far. Keeira Lyn Ford, 26, a demo singer/babysitter from Antioch, TN; Ashley Sullivan, 25, of Springfield, MA; and Ashton Jones, 24, a retail amanger from Goodlettsvillle, TN, sing Hit ’em Up Style (oops!). For all the drama, they did well. Ashley is told by Randy she was a little pitchy, but they were the best harmonized. They’re all going through.

The Miners are still working on their harmonies, with their moms still putting in their two cents, well, more like $1.98. Deep Vs are still annoyed, and even more so, as it seems like The Miners had extra help from their moms.

The Deep Vees are up first, James Durbin, 21, unemployed from Santa Cruz, CA, is amazing. Emma Henry, 15, from Littleton, CO; Danny Pate, 23, a citrus farmer from Auburndale, FL, Caleb Johnson, 19, a banquet server from Asheville, NC; and John Jordan, 20, a waiter,/entertainer of St. Cloud, FL, sing Somebody to Love. James hits an amazing note at the end, and Randy tries to imitate it. He calls the performance strong because of the voices, and J-Lo says the harmony was painful and almost a bad audition.

Caleb and James are the only two who are staying. Jennifer had said Emma would get eaten up in the cmpetition and was right. The moms of The Miners are critics as well, as they critique the harmony, and believe they blew it for themselves. They, of course, think we’ll hear much better from their kids.

The Miners include Keonna Evans, 16, of L.A.; Jalen Harris, 15, of Memphis; Sarina-Joi Crowe, 15, of Columbia; Felix Ramsey, 15, of Milwaukee; and Deandre Brackensick, 16, of San Jose, CA, J-lo is loving it. The group gets a standing ovation. Steven tells them this is why he joined forces with American Idol. He believes Freddie Mercury is up there smiling down on them. They’re all through. These kids say they will never forget this moment.

At 4:00 in the afternoon, the other groups are outside practicing. Rob is still having a hard time, and the girls are just laughing at him, joking about giving him a shock in the neck.

The next group includes Steven Clawson, 28, a musicain, from Thomasville, GA, and Corey Levoy, 22, a nursing assistant, of Longview, TX; and Holly Cavanaugh, 17, of McKinney, TX, Steven cheats by writing the lyrics on his hand. Corey hears it from J-Lo for not looking at the audience. Steven is told not to make it so obvoius he’s cheaitng. J-Lo says it’s one of the worst of the day. Corey and Hollie are the only ones to make it through and are told it’s just based on what they did before. Corey wants to stand and talk about it. Bad decision.

Two group sare going singing Get Ready a cappella, Ebony, Ivory, and Ebony and The Night Owls. The latter goes first and includes Julie Zorrilla, 20, of L.A.; Casey Abrams, 19, a film camp worker from Idyllwild, CA; Dan Noguchi, 21, of LA; Lara Johnston, 20, of Novato, CA; and Melissa Lucas, 22, a lounge singer from Bakersfield, CA. Steven likes Julie’s dress. She and Casey are the only ones to stay.

Ebony, Ivory, and Evory take the stage. The group includes Da’Quela Payne, 29, an Internet manager from Milwaukee; Matthew Nuss, 25, a music director from Huntington Beach, CA; Naima Adedapo, 25, an artist from Milwaukee; and Jacob Lusk, 23, a spa concierge from Compton, CA. He has amazing range. Steven tells the group it showed style and creativity and went off the beaten path with the last bit bit from Jacob. They are all through to the next round.


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