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American Idol, Feb. 16 – Forget You

The Guaps are feeling crowded. They let Jacee go from the group, surprisingly, as Clint doesn’t think he would work out well in their choreograph. Jacee needs to find a group, but only finds his parents. His mom is telling him it wasn’t meant to be. Has she not heard her own son sing?

Jordan Dorsey is now questioning the group he thought was so strong. He considers leaving the group, and Lauren isn’t very happy about it. She confronts him, and he leaves. He joins another group, and they rename themselves Four Plus One. He feels it’s the best choice he could ever make.

Ashley has decided to stay, but The HIts are doing well without her. They’re still happy to have her back anyway. The Sugar Mamas are still trying to find someone else, and consider breaking apart to join other groups. Brett chances on Jacee, and although he’s not familiar with their song choice, he joins them, meaning they won’t need to break up.

At 3:00 AM, some contesetants are headed off for sleep, and Tiffany and Jessica are intent that eveyone will be sorry for not joining them in a group. Rob Bolin is struggling. He doesn’t dance for people, as he’s a musician, and knows he’ll be performing in five hours, but doesn’t feel prepared.

At 7:00 AM, everyone is back at it with just a few hours of sleep. By 8:30, they’re all ehausted, but getting ready to take the stage. The judges give them advice, with the last words from Randy Jackson being to not forget the lyrics. Isn’t that a show?

Pia Toscano, 22, a makeup artist from Howard Beach; Brielle von Hugel, 16, from Staten Island; and Alessandra Guercio, 15, of Brooklyn; are up first. They sing Grenade. They do have a well-put-together group, being evenly matched. Steven tells them they “slammed it.” Randy liked the harmony. They’re all through to the next round.

Four Plus One and Four-Forty have a rivalry going, intensified from Jordan Dorsey’s move from one group to another. Four Plus One is up first, and includes Jordan Dorsey, 21, a piano teacher from LaPlace, LA, and Robbie Rosen, 16, of Merrick, NY, and they sing I Want You Back. Jennifer Lopez tells them the harmony was good. The whole group stays, making it a move that paid off for Jordan.

Four-Forty steps up for their turn. Their group includes Adrian Michael, 19, a server from Pearland, TX, and Lauren Turner, 24, a maid from Covington, LA. They’re singing Forget You. It seems Jordan still made a good choice. J-Lo notes it’s getting harder as it goes along. The whole group is put through to the next round.

Tiffany and Jessica are next, and Jennifer admits she’s scared. Their group is Rebel Stars, and they sing Irreplaceable. It’s not in the least bit good. Randy asks what happened to the group, and they explain. He tells them it was really bad, and Jessica can’t believe it. It’s the end of the line for them, as Tiffany begs for another chance. Jessica tries to pacify her, but she pushes her away. She thinks being part of a group could have saved them. Or maybe shutting your mouth on the stage the other day would have had people looking at you differently.

Kevin Campos, in the group Spanglish, is still in his hotel room. Someone, perhaps a producer, knocks on his door to tell him his group is up. The rest of the group, Jovany Barreto, 23, a shipbuilder from Harvey, LA; Jorge Gabriel, 7, of West Palm Beach, FL; and Karen Rodriguez, 21, of NYC, are looking for him, and the judges are waiting.

Steven takes the stage at the drumset to fill the time. Once Kevin finally arrives, Spanglish finally takes the stage and sings Just the Way You Are. They don’t sound great, and J-Lo is left wincing. Karen sounds the best of the group. Steven asks for coffee, and tells Jorge he didn’t nail it. Karen is told she was good, and Jovany hears he was a little rough in the beginning. He and Karen are in, and the other two go home.

The next group up includes Lauren Alaina, 15, of Rossville, Georgia. Last night they were entertained by group member Angela Cheslock putting noodles through her nose. Interesting bar trick. They ask Steven to sit in the chair so they can sing to him. He obliges. They also play with his hair, gyrate in front of him, etc. Ryan doesn’t think Steven could have nore fun. They sing Some Kind of Wonderful, and even give the mic to Steven for a few notes. It’s a great way to bribe the judge. Jennifer tells them it was cute, making it hard to announce the results. Lauren is the only one going through. The others are vowing to support her.


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