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American Idol, Feb. 16 – Forget You

It’s another day in Hollywood on American Idol 10. There are still many singers to be eliminated before we get to the top 20. There are still over 150 singers vying for the chance to become our American Idol. Since there are new rules at play this season, it’s hard to say what we’ll see tonight, but many are hoping for a group round.

It turns out we’re not the only ones looking forward to group round. The contestants are as well, and formed groups after the initial elimination. They feel they’re primed and ready. It turns out they’re thrown for a loop, as they’re now told that the groups have to be made from those who appeared before the judges on the first day and those from the second day. It’s gong to cause a mad scramble.

Denice Jackson and Brett Loewenstern are looking for day two people, and find one, but he ends up joining another group instead. Jessica Yance steps into the position for them, and the Sugar Mamas are created.

Tiffany Rios is in search of a group a well, but is going to struggle after saying onstage she’s tired of seeing people try to do what she knows she can do. She now says she thinks every group will accept her, but she needs to scope them out first. She’s finding something different, as everyone is giving her a thanks, but no thanks. She can’t believe she’s the only choreographer there and no one wants her. She tries to convince Scotty McCleery, and he makes her audition for him. She’s put out, but does it anyway. He laughs to the camera, then says he wants to talk to some other people first.

This isn’t good news for the Sugar Mamas, as Tiffany convinces Jessica Yance to join her instead. They now need one more person, as do the Sugar Mamas once again. They try to snap up Scotty. They audition for him as well, as he just walks away. He finds Jordan Dorsey’s group, and they make him audition. Jordan says no, as he doesn’t seem to be liking the country vibe. Jordan already has a group of four with Erica Schiff, Adrian Michael, and Lauren Turner, but they need a day two person. Jordan doesn’t like anyone, but then finds Shane Golden. I think they’re crazy to like him more than Scotty.

Tifffany and Jessica get on the mic to try and persuade someone else to join them. Scotty is still struggling as well, as are the Sugar Mamas. They’re losing time, as the other groups are practicing already. Tiffany itries singing at the mic trying to convince someone … anyone, and still no one wants to take that bag of worms into their group.

AT 10:30 at night, Scotty is still searching, and finds the Guaps. They already number four, as they took on Jacee Badeaux to get their number two contestant in, and Clint Jun Gamboa isn’t sure they need another member, but is willing to give it a try.

Day two singer Ashley Sullivan joins day one group The Hits. At 11:00 PM, group formaton is ended, and Jessica and Tiffany still can’t find another person. They approach a producer asking if they can do just a duo and are allowed. Everyone is rehearsing, spread out all over their hotel, and Chris Medina’s group checks out the garage, as it’s not as overwhelming. There’s a group in the bathroom even, as they like the acoustics better. Brothers from Another Mother includes the Guiterrez brothers.

The Minors – Keonna Evans, Jalen Harris, Sarina-Joi Crowe, Felix Ramsey, and Deandre Brackensick – are all 15 or 16 years old, and feel they have an edge because of it, as they are less stressed. They have more to put up with, though, as they have their stage moms with them. The moms think The Minors are going to rock it, and they, too, start their own little group.

James Durbin and Emma Henry, and their group, The Deep Vees, feel it’s not the compettion for stage moms. He doesn’t like that his group is singing the same song as the younger group. The Deep Vees go and check out the other group to see if it’s indeed compeition for them. He thinks they’ll be kicking some “ass,” said with one of his Adam Lambert-patented screams.

Rob Bolin, Chelsee Oaks, and Jacqueline Dunford lost Nick Fink in the previous round, and Rob misses him already. They’ve named themselves Three’s Company. This is the first time Rob and Chelsee have worked together since they broke up. He notes they’re not even on speaking terms right now, so it’ll take awhile. He’s not a big dancer, and Chelsee thinks he’s nervous about ithe routine they’re doing, all dancing-heavy. She thinks everyone needs equal control in the group, yet he seems to have no say.

Ashley is now falling apart. Emotions and pressure are getting to her, and she’s ready to quit as her group tries to convince her to either buck up, or they need to find someone else. She tells them it’s it for her. She’s done. They hug it out, and she wants to know who she needs to talk to about going home. She finds a producer and cries her eyes out, not something new for her. The producer tells her to think it over for a bit, and she heads out to talk to her boyfriend. She asks the camera to just give her five minutes.


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