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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Cowboys, Globetrotters, Cheerleaders. Oh My!

Jet and Cord – Amazing Race 16 – Second Place.
Why a second chance? – Allowing Dan and Jordan to cut in front of them in line. The cowboys were never able to overcome the advantage the other brothers had by being first off the plane.

If you thought the Trotters were popular, the Cowboys were even more popular. They were another team I didn’t expect to like, but I did. They boys were funny. Really funny. And they were oh, so close to winning the Race. I think the Race music editors will be doing double duty with the cowboy and Globetrotter theme songs.
Can they win? – I think they are the favorites.

Gary & Mallory – Amazing Race 17 – Sixth Place
Why a second chance? – Getting wildly lost in Oman.
Garlory is the only one doing back-to-back races and that may be a hindrance – even if it wasn’t a setback for a past pair of blonde pageant queens. Dustin and Kandice could be role models for Miss Kentucky Mallory in more ways than one! What they have going for them is Captain America Gary seems to have experience doing everything. Mallory is a small package of energy and was lots of fun in the last race. Another team that is fun to root for.
Can they win? – I don’t think she is as tough as the BQs, I think fatigue will get them.

And now for another installment of the “Ridiculous-based-on-no-facts-other-than-guesswork” predictions.

First Place – Cowboys
Second Place – Zev/Justin
Third Place – Amanda/Kris
Fourth Place – Globetrotters
Fifth Place – Ron/Christina
Sixth Place – Margie/Luke
Seventh Place – Jamie/Cara
Eighth Place – LaKisha/Jennifer
Ninth Place – Kent/Vixen
Tenth Place – Gary/Mallory
Eleventh Place – Mel/Mike

That’s it! Season 18 starts on Sunday. The world is waiting…

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