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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Cowboys, Globetrotters, Cheerleaders. Oh My!

Amanda and Kris – Amazing Race 14 – Eighth Place
Why a second chance – The first victims of the Blind U-Turn. I’m glad of all the U-Turn victims, eliminated because of the U-Turn, they chose Amanda/Kris rather than Lorena/Jason or Crandy. Also interesting is that they are racing against the team that they now know directly were responsible for their elimination – Margie/Luke.

The couple is now engaged, and there is little we can really say about them since they weren’t really on for that long. They seemed like they would be a tough team before their rough leg. But how many good-looking young California teams have we seen in Race history? I love how Amanda cites their mutual BA’s in Communication as examples of how they should be better communicators. Amanda – I have a comm degree – trust me, most people in our classes could barely string a sentence together. Let’s be serious.
Can they win? – Yes, they can. If only they don’t let that U-Turn, and potential revenge against Margie/Luke, distract them.

Mel & Mike – Amazing Race 14 – Sixth Place
Why a second chance? – Not really sure. They claim it was a bad cab driver that led to their elimination. Man, the path to elimination in Race history is littered with bad cab drivers.
For those who don’t remember – Mel is gay, and his son Mike is a bisexual. Mike is a Hollywood actor/writer as well. They are also a hoot. As Mel points out, they are two of the oldest Racers in this season – combined they are 110 years old. Mel’s passion is “Helping young gay men see why ‘it does get better.’ The recent increase in suicide among gay men breaks my heart.” That is a man with a huge heart. Mike wants Mel to stop with the puns, while some of us out here would like to hear what Mel has to offer.
Can they win? – In a word, no. It is very, very hard for a 70-year-old to make their way to the Finish Line.

LaKisha and Jennifer – Amazing Race 14 – Fourth Place
Why a second chance? – Well, Jen had to pee. Racing to the last elimination before the final leg, Jen used a port-a-potty in Beijing. The cheerleaders passed them as a result.

The team formerly known as Kisha/Jen elected for their longer full names to make me type more. For some reason, in both of their written bios, neither mention the pee incident. In fact, Kisha talks about leaving their bags at the dock as their biggest mistake. Really?

The sisters are clearly athletic enough – Kisha coaches basketball, and Jen coaches volleyball. The question is whether they can keep their focus.
Can they win? – Well, Kat and Nat proved that women can win the race. Not sure if these two can do it, but they could advance far.

Margie and Luke – Amazing Race 14 – Third Place
Why a second chance? – Luke could not find the proper surfboards at the final challenge – a similar second chance as Christina is getting.

For those who don’t remember, Luke is a gay deaf man, and Margie is his mom. They are pretty awesome together. I think they should get their own sitcom. He is a motivational speaker and she is a nurse. If you remember, his deafness got a lot of attention last time – and deservedly so – but I hope that like Charla’s short stature it gets much less attention the second time around. He has already proven that point. Now this is about him and his mom, not about a deaf man and his mom.
Can they win? – Yes, they were one surfboard away from winning the last time.

Jamie and Cara – Amazing Race 14 – Second Place
Why a second chance?Other than being hot, I have no idea. I guess taxi luck, but again, who hasn’t had that?

They were under the radar last time, but won’t be this time. Jamie has gone on to become a Playboy Playmate. Really, she has. And she must now have to be considered the best-looking Racer ever. Due to having to do ample research for this article I was forced to check out her website. And yes, she wins that award now. Man, this job is tough sometimes.

Despite her looks, Jamie had a lot of “ugly American” moments last time, so I hope she won’t repeat that this time around. The former Miami Dolphin cheerleaders (as a Dolphins fan, there isn’t much else to be proud of these days. This is all we have) have some surprises – Jamie used to be a cop, and Cara is lugging around her law school studies on the Race.
Can they win? – They claim bad luck, but I think they got a lot of good luck to advance as far as they did last time. I don’t see a win, but who knows.

Zev and Justin – Amazing Race 15 – Ninth Place
Why a second chance? – Perhaps the most deserving of the second chances as the loss of Zev’s passport cancelled out a first place finish and led directly to elimination.

To refresh, Zev has Asberger’s Disease and Justin is his best friend. They too are a hoot. Zev’s bio is by far the funniest of them all.
What are you passionate about? Acting and I love the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team.
One location that you hope to go on this adventure: Afghanistan or Chernobyl because I heard it’s really nice there this time of year
Biggest challenge you and your teammate will face on the Race together: Not losing our passports.

And Justin’s pretty funny too…
Biggest mistake you made in your previous season: Can’t think of one.
Any strategic changes you will make heading into this Race: Staple our passports to my chest and pack lighter.
Can they win? – I think they can. They certainly can’t do much worse!

Flight Time & Big Easy – Amazing Race 15 – Fourth Place
Why a second chance? – Franz. Big Easy was unable to properly spell the name for a hidden clue and they wound up taking the penalty for an unfinished Roadblock.

The Globetrotters are a popular team that was a no-brainer for inclusion – popular and a major gaffe. They talk about being Globetrotters and never losing – although I am not really sure if that’s a good analogy. That’s like saying I’m a great ping-pong player because I never lose to my four year old. They are loads of fun – if a bit trusting – and it will be fascinating to see them interact with the next team
Can they win? – Hell yeah. Especially if no spelling.