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Amazing Race: Unfinished Business – Cowboys, Globetrotters, Cheerleaders. Oh My!

When is an all-star season not an all-star season? Well, when it is called Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. These are not the best teams ever to play, in fact, no one is a past winner. That’s the concept – in theory, each of these teams faced a fatal flaw, which cost them either the win, or a place in the game. I like this concept and have been talking about seasons like this for a while – give someone who really screwed up or got screwed over another crack at it.

There are a couple of ways you can go with seasons of Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Chef, etc. when you elect to bring back past contestants. You can go with a fairly true all-star season such as the one currently going on with Top Chef – most of them made it very deep in their seasons – even if it can’t be a true all-star without winners. You can go with what Survivor did for Season 8 – a mix of the best of the best with some interesting people such as Rob and Rupert. You can do a theme like Heroes vs. Villains or Fans vs. Favorites. You can do some strange hodgepodge like Amazing Race All-Stars.

Or you can do other themes like this one. I’d actually like to see Survivor do one of these as well, it is a good excuse for a reason to bring back some of these familiar faces. There have been so many twists and turns in Survivor, many of which were imposed upon the contestants, which would warrant another shot. For the Race, most of the errors were real human errors, which is one of the best parts of the Amazing Race.

I do kind of wish they hadn’t limited it to Seasons 12-17, post All-Stars seasons. There were several early season teams that could have used another shot at it. Nancy/Emily with the biggest blunder (arguable) in the Race history when they threw in the towel in Thailand. Shola/Doyin lost in the dessert. Derek/Drew deceived by Ken/Gerard. Millie/Chuck, hopelessly lost. Colin/Christie done in my checking their bags. Kris/Jon halted by a badly timed train. Brian/Greg done in by their crash and unable to make up their lost time. The Gaghan’s just because I’d like to see them again. Dave/Lori unable to make up time in a lame leg. Erwin/Godwin detained by the police.

But the show elected to stick to the recent seasons. In doing so, we get a whole lot of S14, as we take 11 teams out of only six seasons. I can’t argue too much with the choices, although not sure if I would have picked all of them. Each of them has a claim to needing a second chance – some are a bit more of a stretch than others – and some are interesting and popular teams. I also wonder why Season 13 was totally ignored. Toni/Dallas are a prime candidate for second chances.

So here are the returning teams in order of how long ago they were eliminated:

Kent & Vyxsin – Amazing Race 12 – Fifth place.
Why a second chance?Kent was unable to drive stick and destroyed their car in Italy.
From this point on, I will not be spelling out Vyxsin. Why? Because it is ridiculous. The “Goth” team was a whole lot less annoying than I expected them to by and Vixen, or V, or whatever I feel like calling her, was really tough. These two are still a couple and are now modeling. They are dedicating their second chance to Kent’s recently departed father. One change that they will make to their strategy is that they are going to try and interact with and ally with other teams. They were notoriously solo during AR12.
Can they win? – I don’t think so, I think Kent is the weak link on this team.

Ron and Christina – Amazing Race 12 – Second Place
Why a second chance – Christina blames herself for stumbling during the final puzzle allowing TK and Rachel to pass them.
I put this team very high among the list of unlikely finalists. It is also the most successful parent-child team in Race history. Incredible when you consider how much grief Ron gave his daughter the first time around. My favorite part of Ron’s bio – I make the most delicious and nutritious smoothies. Now if he could bring that humor and less overbearing dad…

Christina has finished triathlons, and it seems she lives in DC, so perhaps I have passed her along the Rock Creek Parkway.
Can they win? – They’ve been underestimated before…